Sunday, January 10, 2010

DaTe NiGhT..

Dinner at Hooters

FREEZING at the Races

My handsome Husband

Craig getting a feel of his own personal set of Hooters

Last night we went out with the Flinders. Jaime and I got tickets from AFCU for the snowmobile races at Rio Tinto. We decided to surprise the boys with dinner at Hooters in Midvale. They thought we were going to the Outback...he he We're so sneaky! I actually recommend it, Jaime and I got to talk about work and the boys had constant entertainment Ü Most of the girls weren't that fabulous, but we all decided there was one really pretty girl. Ok, maybe it was just me. I mean c'mon, she was HOT!

We then left for the races and it was SOOOOO cold! People were in snow boots, and hats and all kinds of warm clothes. I managed with thermo bottoms and scarf and gloves..the Flinders were smart enough to bring warm boots. We had a great time and actually there were some neat tricks and races. We had a fun time and Jaime ~as always~ made me laugh so hard!

I'm so glad we have fun friends to go out with, thanks Flinders!!


Drama queens mum (Kimberly) said...

Hi. Visiting from SITS. I've never been to Hooters.

Jaime said...

I flipping love you!
I am certain that all of my strange doings can be explained by me hitting my head at the first of the night!!!!
Remember, people think I am Normal, and I want it to stay that way...Or do they know the truth?

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