Friday, January 1, 2010


Another year has come and gone! We celebrated another quiet New Years, seems to be the tradition since we've started our family ☺ We put the kids to bed at the normal time and watched a movie. I was technically awake at midnight rocking Casey.

Tonight, I decided to start a new tradition. I made a yummy pot roast dinner in the crock pot all day, used my new dishes from Thanksgiving and we had a candlelight dinner. Jayden asked why we were having a 'picnic'

We toasted in the new year and each said what we'd like to do better at in 2010.
Kim: 'To be a better mom, have more Mommy/Daddy time, finish my bachelor's and to take advantages of the many opportunities coming my way.'
Cory: 'Be nicer' ~ Short and sweet right?!
Jayden: 'Have more toys and trick or treat'

Jayden got to blow out the candle after we ate, he wished for more dinner and for baby Casey not to cry so much!

I thought, what better way to celebrate our busy 2009 than with pictures! We celebrated a lot of 'firsts' in 2009, it was full of ups and downs and all arounds and we loved every second of it! Here's to another great year and growing together along the way.

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Dreamer said...

cute blog! And what a cute family. I love your little boys resolution. I should add trick or treats to my list!

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