Friday, December 31, 2010

Good Bye 2010

I can't believe another year has come and gone, it seems like just yesterday I was posting good~bye to 2009 So many things we've accomplished as a family and individuals. As today went on, all of the events of 2010 were running through my mind. Here are just a few

~My new blog design, I also joined SITS
~I celebrated my last First birthday with Casey
~I graduated with my Bachelor's degree (finally!)
~Cory received a long awaited and deserved promotion, including his title as Production Manager
~Jayden started a new school
~I started my new position at work

These are just to name a few. Life happens so quickly, I'm so glad that I have a blog to record the happenings in our lives. Sometimes, when you're in the middle of the moments you don't have the opportunity to enjoy or even understand the importance of the experiences we have. It's nice to be able to sit back and remember all of the important milestones this year, the laughs, the hard times and most of all each other.

Cory's gone this week to Florida helping his grandparents, but we were able to share our tradition of what we'd like for the new year over speaker phone. Here are the thoughts shared:

Me: For us to survive the two family vacations we've planned for 2011. Florida in April to see Grandma/Papa. Disney cruise to the Bahama's in November with my family. For Daddy to enjoy himself and to not strangle Mommy for making him go! Also wishing more time with Daddy.
Cory: The same as Mommy
Jayden: Swimming lessons!
Casey: MMMMM...(which I think means more food)

I'm excited for 2011, another year of watching the boys grow, learn and play. I'm also excited to celebrate our 6th year of marriage, my 30th birthday, boating trips, family vacations, Casey turning terrible 2's, and so much more.

I'm thankful for my wonderful life, to be blessed with the love of a strong, romantic, sexy, loving, intelligent man whom I call my best friend, to be the mother of two strong, beautiful and loving boys, to have the family we do here on earth and the loved ones watching us from above, the friends that surround us and the house over our heads. I can't think of many words to describe that other than ♥LuCkY♥.

Whomever you are reading this post, I wish you a happy New Year!

See you in 2011!!

Monday, December 27, 2010


Here is one of my many conversations with Jayden tonight.

'Mom, here's what we're going to do. We are going to write a letter to Santa. Mom, you hurd what I say? When Casey goes to bed, you can get out that pen in the drawer. I tell you what to write, k?'

'Ok, Jade.'

'Mom, this is what I want to say.

Santa, I love you berry much. How about next year on Christmas, can you bring me a awner man game?

'No, not that Mom. You know that game awner man?'

'No Jayden what in the world is awner man?

'Mom, you know that guy we saw?'

'Yes, that helps me a lot Jayden. What guy?'

'That guy that flies around and gets people. You know wif all those cars?'

'Iron man?'

'YES! Awner man! Can you write that to Santa?'

Dear Santa,
I love you so so so much. Next year, can you have the elves make me awner man game? And a transforma game? Tell the elves right now in case they're sleepy from making all my toys for this Christmas we just had.'

Love, Jayden Gweeeeen.

Never mind the 1 million toys you JUST got two days ago. Yes Jayden, I'd love to send Santa this letter. He's going to need the entire year to recover financially from THIS year. And yes, his ELVES are tired!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

Casey & Spidey Scooter
Santa's Goodies

Cory's Rubberband Gun

Casey's HD hat from Pa Harley & Ma Jo

Merry Christmas!
Another Christmas has come and gone! Even with the exciting birthday, Jayden still made out pretty great from Santa and the rest of his family. 7 DS games, sled, clothes, movies, books, pillow pet, hoover crafts, and more! Casey made out with a new spiderman scooter (his absolute favorite) Little People car set, clothes, pillow pets, puzzles and books.
'Santa' decided that Diane (Cory's mom) always spoils us to pieces and no one really does the same for her. We all went in and got her a T.V. for her bedroom but I wanted or I mean 'Santa' wanted to do more. One of my favorite things each Christmas growing up was my stocking. My Santa always found the best and funnest things to put in there. From make-up, candy, toys, socks, all kinds of things. It was so exciting seeing what was in there, sometimes pads and pens and fun little trinkets. So, I watched for things at the Hallmark and Wal-Mart and ended up having so much it spilled out of the stocking! Some items included lip gloss 'Kiss my Face', shower gloves, trouser socks, fuzzy socks, razors, gum, raisnets (her favorite), thong underwear Ü, Norah Roberts, Avatar DVD, funny straws, fake turtle, Aveno stress relief lotion and more. I don't know who was more excited, me to see her open it or her! At the end of the morning on our way to breakfast at Aunt Linda's, she hugged me and said 'Thank you so much, that was my first Christmas stocking. My parents never did those.' Then added 'If I leave my stocking here, will Santa fill it next year?' You betcha!
Cory finished off my 12 days of Christmas with this note 'On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, 1 - Camera I already have 2- take pictures of my family!!'
It was a busy, fun filled day with family. After breakfast, we came back home for a rest before heading to my mom's for Christmas dinner. Cory left this morning for a week to Florida so we took some extra time while Jayden was playing his games and Casey was napping. Without giving too many details, I thoroughly enjoyed my husband that afternoon. Ü When you have kids and life is so busy, sometimes it's easy to forget how fun it is to date and just be into each other. I'm so lucky that I still get butterflies with my husband and we can still find that moment where it's like we're kissing for the first time. I can say that, because there was a brief moment in time where I was sure we'd lost it, I'll never take him for granted again.
I hope you enjoy the stories and pictures, and most important that you were able to spend the holidays with your loved ones. Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

BiRtHdAyS GaLoRe!!

Presents GaLoRe!
Blowing out the 4-Wheeler Cake

Just one or two of our closest fRiEnDs!!

We celebrated Green style for Jayden's 5th birthday and Cory's 33rd. I can't believe I have a freakin 5 year old! It was a great night, we decided to take it easy this year and not do dinner for everyone. We had cake and ice cream. It wouldn't be a Cory birthday with out Farr's PlayDough.
Jayden made out like a bandit and got great gifts, Nerf guns (with a clip mom!) clothes, games, and two big gifts. Grandma Deny (Diane) got him a DS Lite, Grandma Jo got him some games and some clothes. Daddy decided to top the cake (literally) with a 4-Wheeler! He's been talking about it for about two months now, every time we asked Jayden what he wanted for Christmas or his birthday, the answer was a 4-wheeler. So, we kept it a secret and Cory brought it home last night before the party.
After Jayden opened up his gifts, we told him to take his Grandma to his room to show her his new toys. We had everyone sneek into the garage and when he came out we all yelled
He was in shock for about 5 seconds and then went straight to the bike. We got some video that I will attempt to patient!
He's in love with the bike, he kept telling his dad 'I love you so so so much Dad' 'We're gonna have this 4-wheeda forEVA!!' I love to see the excitement in his eyes and Cory's. We've taken our fair share from the critics. Telling us we're spoiling him and creating a monster.

Jayden has his moments with or without 4-wheelers and DS's. As a mom, I love that we can give these nice things to him and that hopefully he wants for nothing. I am a lucky mom to be married to someone who loves to surprise his kids and gets just as excited as they do for the 'boy toys'.
Happy Birthday Boys, I love you.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day Six ~ Day Nine

On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, 6 minutes worth of reading before the book becomes a movie! (I love Nicholas Sparks, 'The Notebook', 'Dear John', 'The Last Song', So Cory got me his latest novel, 'The Lucky One'. He said 6 minutes worth of reading because I read really fast and can finish a book in about a day if I had the time to do it!

On the seventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me, 7 ounces of chocolate that I don't have to share with ANYBODY!! Mmmm...white chocolate and milk chocolate all to myself Ü

On the eight day of Christmas my true love gave to me, 8 sets of candy kisses and our kisses always come in sets of three. I think it's so funny that whenever we kiss it's always in threes. Maybe we're saying I love you. I thought this was strange, but come to find out the people I work with do the same thing!

On the ninth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, 9 packets of cocoa mix to keep me warm and comfy.

Friday, December 17, 2010


Where the hell are all of my comments? I see my blog counter increasing everyday, I know you're out there...watching...reading...judging...(Ok, maybe kidding on the last one. Maybe not, ok really are you?)

I think we should start a new leaky or leavy...the comments that is.

Well, I don't really want you to pee on my blog site but it rhymed.

Even just to say 'I was here' You blog stalkers better start leaving me love notes or I shut this thing down to Privacy!!!!

I mean it....I WILL DO IT. I have the privacy button and I know how to use it.


1. A failure to understand something correctly.
2. A disagreement or quarrel

Let's dissect this definition for a moment. I can't think of one instance where one definition applies without the other. This week, I've experienced both. I can't even fathom how quickly a misunderstanding happened this week...through e-mail nontheless.

One minute, plans were being made and the next little tiny demons took place of normal people including myself and all Hell broke loose. Here's one of the many places I experience a flaw in myself. I allow myself to be so upset and hurt by the things other people think of me or that I feel they are thinking about me. I tend to lose myself in the situation. I think about it 24-7. In the morning while I get ready, at work, at night. I lose my appetite, it exhausts me.

Then, because it weighs heavy on my mind, I talk to other people about it. Usually those who are involved and then the situation gets fired up. It's like I'm building my side, my team. Almost like a pep rally. They're wrong, you're right, go team ..go team FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!' This hardley ever does anything good, other than elevate already strong emotions.

It's unfortunate the assumptions are made, emotions are high and feelings are hurt so quickly and are forever lasting. What maybe would've been different had the conversation been in person, face to face with the ability to clarify intent before assumptions have a chance to be made.

All I can say at this point about the entire scenario is that it leaves me feeling defeated.

A relationship becomes easier when you realize that you don't have to be the one at fault to be the one who's sorry. ~Robert Brault

I found Christmas

It's been a busy and stressful few days as always (I'm beginning to think I start every post with that) I decided it was time to MAKE Christmas appear. After work yesterday, I picked up the boys and headed home to bake the day away.

I grabbed my iTouch and logged onto Pandora for some Mariah Carey Christmas music to blast throughout the kitchen while Jayden and I prepared to make our annual neighbor goodies. I told Jayden, 'We can't bake Christmas cookies without wearing some Christmas socks!!' So I grabbed a pair out of my drawer. Jayden is looking at me with an intrigued face and says 'Mom, you got any more of those in that drawer??' For you, Bug...anything.

With our Christmas socks in tow, holiday music blaring away, we proceeded to destroy my kitchen making all kinds of goodies. Sugar cookies with icing, peanut butter cup cookies, chocolate chip cookies and peppermint chews. We danced and sang to our spatulas 'All I want for Christmas', 'Jingle Bell Rock' and more. Casey joined in bouncing up and down.

Jayden lost interest after about 20 minutes, so I was left alone in the kitchen baking while the boys played downstairs. I was listening to the words of a certain Christmas song, and noticed that it really means to MAKE the holidays mean something by giving into the spirit of it and creating the feelings. Not just waiting for it to appear.

I baked for about 4 hours, then had Jayden and Cole delivered the treats. One more task on my list checked off before the holidays arrive. I may not be Betty Crocker or Martha Stewart, I used pre-mixed cookies and dough, but I loved every minute of it and it was a nice distraction from the rest of the world that always seems to be waiting at the door.

Thanks for the memories, boys. I love you.

Day Three, Four & Five

On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me, three sterling silver charms for all my friends to see. 'J', 'C', 'Family' They were beautiful additions to my Pandora bracelet.

On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, four place mat settings to have more compan~Y!! (Cory just loves when I throw parties, so this really was a selfless present on his part)

On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, 5 words of wisdom on a plaque to forever remind me 'Always kiss me good~night'. He was a little stressed 'goodnight' was only one word. I told him I wasn't worried about and got an early start on my instructions for the night Ü

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

12 Days of ChRiStMaS!!!

My beloved hubster surprised me Monday morning with a gift to kick of day 1 of this year's

12 days of Christmas.

If you don't remember last year, click HERE.

I have to tell you, this is just what the DR. ordered for me this Christmas. Cory told me not to get too excited because the gifts won't be as good as they were last year, but you know what?! I don't EVEN care! Just the fact he puts so much time and energy and the excitement of waking up to a surprise every's like Christmas morning X 12!!

Oh wait IT IS 12 days of Christmas Ü

Day One ~ On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me a big warm fuzzy blanket for him to sNuGgLe with me!! Not even kidding, this thing is big enough for 5 adults. It's the soft microfiber like what baby blankets are made of. I snuggled in it last night and read a book by the fire. For those who know me, I LOVE to be was PERFECT!

Day Two ~ On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me..two VAMPIRE movies to complete my set of three. He had bought Eclipse earlier this month and included Twilight for me to complete the set so far. We bought New Moon but had only rented the first.

I'm not sure what I love more, the gifts or the poems to go with it. (Ok, I'm a gift girl but the poems makes it a complete package!)

Thank you thank you thank you Cory. I'm not sure I tell you enough but I LOVE you so much. You'll never know how much you mean to me and that above all else, you still care about the SMILE on my face.

Forever~For Always~No Matter What.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Where are you Christmas?

Confession time.

As of late, I've been reading blogs and hearing from co-workers and friends about their family traditions well under way for Christmas this year. Some who spend every waking minute baking holiday treats, seeing the lights, donating to charity, how they feel the strong sense of Christ this Christmas. I've always been envious of people who seem to have it all together, you know who I'm talking about. The mom's who you imagine answer their doors with aprons on and the smell of apple pie in the background, with the whole 'Leave it Beaver' - June Cleaver thing going on.
Let's be honest. I work full time, have two boys, one of which is about to drive me the edge of insanity most days where I think I understand child abuse. It's like he's in competition for the 'I drove my mother to medication and alcohol t-shirt.' I have yet to find my Christmas spirit.

Take last week for example. Everyday...EVERY day we got a report of just how naughty he was. It didn't end with the babysitters, the behavior continued at home with Cory and I. So, with work and attempting to deal with spawn of satin, I made my attempt to buy the boys matching sweaters and head to Kiddie Kandids.
~B.I.G. mistake~
Not to worry, after my 40 minute wait they informed me it would take 3 weeks to get my cards, December 21st. But, I COULD buy the pictures c.d. for $250 to order them elsewhere. gee..thanks! During my 40 minute wait Jayden was his usual hyper self. Let's just say he had nail marks in his arm and I'm surprised Santa's elves at the mall didn't call social services for him as I drug him to the car.

I ended up in tears on the way home trying to figure out how to make my kid behave, order Christmas cards in time along with all the other stresses of Christmas. When we got home, we attempted to take home photos with my new camera that I have NO idea how to work. By then we all were in tears, me in frustration and Jayden from us scolding him for being naughty. Christmas cards...forget it, I've decided it's not worth the stress.
Other families are celebrating the joys of the holiday and I'm struggling to find time to discipline our kid. That doesn't really bring about the holiday spirit. I'm not sure I will ever be the June Cleaver like other mom's. I am going to Lauries on Saturday to make gingerbread houses, and crossing my fingers Jayden is well behaved so we don't end up leaving in a fit of rage.

Sorry to say, when you check into my blog you aren't reading of my serenity as I bake Christmas caramels, sing carols with my children as we sip apple cider and they tell me Christ is the reason for the season.

What you can read is that they are both still alive, Jayden got his first report of good behavior today. Casey's learning he is half spider monkey as you can see below and Jayden hasn't lost his sense of humor from all the time outs and soap in his mouth.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Grandpa Denny and his Boys
Jayden & Maizey Moo

Papa showing Cory how to carve Buford

My master piece!!!

Buford Pre Oven!
We had another great Thanksgiving this year. We had Cory's family over to our house. This was the first year I've cooked without my mom there helping me. Don't worry, I had her on speed dial. Cory's Uncle's were both away this year so it was a small celebration with just 10 of us. Although we missed everyone, we had a great meal!
On to Birthday's and Christmas!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Someone pass some sanity my way please?

This weekend has been rough. I'm fairly certain I won't be able to fit it all in this post, but I need the therapy of venting just a few.

Friday started out with a bang, Cory had the day off and Jayden started the morning with puking all over our bed. Cory spent the day washing the sheets and all of Jayden's things. He seemed to come around by the afternoon.

The good things that did come from the weekend is that Cory and I got TWO dates. Friday night with dinner and a movie and dinner again on Saturday on the way to the airport to pick up Laurie and James. Thanks Cole and Ethan!

Sunday was busy with the blessing of Cory's niece Maizey and a family breakfast. When we went to leave, Jayden had locked our keys in the car so that was a lovely adventure. I noticed Casey wasn't quite himself when we layed him down for his nap.

Later in the afternoon, I did something extremely difficult and scary. I can't really talk about it, but trust me when I say that something is on my mind and weighs heavy on my heart. When you love someone so much.... it hurts and all you want to do is help them and have them be happy and healthy it causes a domino effect of emotions.

That night, Casey started throwing up massive amounts about 6 pm. It kept going and going, until he would dry heave white foam. He went limp and lethargic with no color in his face. We headed up to Wee Care about 9 pm. They wanted to take blood to test his levels for dehydration. The only problem was, he was already so dehydrated they couldn't get any blood. We were sent to Davis ER, where we sat for 4 hours. Finally the lab tech attempted to draw blood from my baby. She swaddled him in a sheet and only one arm was out. She applied the turnakit, and proceeded to 'fish' for a vein in Casey's arm.

He screamed the entire time and cried, I started crying thinking I wish I could take his pain away and I couldn't. I finally yelled at the woman to STOP! If this wasn't going to work, why torture him? We waited for the ER doctor, meanwhile Casey threw up all the liquid I had given him into my lap. The ER nurse was nice enough to give me some hospital pajama's. They decided to give him some oral medicine for nausea. We waited for 20 minutes and when he kept it down, we left.

There wasn't really sleeping last night. He was starving, but I couldn't give him much on his stomach. When he did finally start sleeping, he went from 5 -8:30. Woke up with a crib full of diarrhea, Jayden thought he'd match the excitement with a encore performance and threw up again.

I spent the day stripping down the house and disinfecting everything I could. My legs ache from exhaustion and my patience is gone. My poor boys. I HATE this. I've got so much weighing on my double d's right now it's killing me.

To top it off, I started my period. Today.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Dear Jayden...

So many times I hear of Mom's who don't have the chance to see their children grow up. Something happens that takes them away, for whatever reason their time ends short here on earth. I take for granted my time with you, and as we sit here watching cartoons while brother is sleeping, I wanted to write you this letter to let you know how much you mean to me

From the moment the nurse walked in and told me I was pregnant, I knew you were something special. Your daddy and I were so excited to be parents! You came into this world in a hurry and state of chaos and you've lived your life in that same state of mind since. Everything about you is perfect, you are so very handsome and have a smile that melts my heart. Things are always done on your time and you can't be rushed. Most of the time, I'm doing my best to keep up with you.

I love how smart you are and how you always want to know where, why, who and when. Always so curious and although it gets you into trouble most days makes you the wonderful person you are. I love watching you grow from my baby into a little man. You are so social just like your mommy and it's amazing to see you make friends and your love to be with people. I love our conversations and even when you ask me hard or silly questions I hope we always can talk about everything.

I love how when no one else is around, you become calm and like to snuggle in my lap or Dad's. It makes me smile when we're driving in the car and out of no where you tell me that you love me. I love how when you're happy, no matter where we're at you blow me a kiss and make the cutest face. I love when we snuggle at bedtime and we make up stories together about dragons that fly and how you train them to behave.

I love watching you with Casey and seeing how much he loves you. You're the only one who can make him giggle until he can't breathe. You are an awesome big brother and it makes me full of joy to see you taking care of Casey.

I love your giggles, your smiles, your boyish charm with all the cuts, bruises, smelly mysteries, surprise wrestle matches with Dad, non stop attitude. Most of all Jayden, I love you. You've made me a better person, stronger than I ever knew I could be and taught me unconditional love. Because there is nothing you could ever do or say that would make me stop loving you. I'll always be here for you, fighting for you, cheering you on and being amazed by you every single day.

I'm so proud to be your mother.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Black Island Farms

BRAVO Arts Academy had their annual field trip to Black Island Farms. I took the day off work to spend with Jayden and it was the best day we've had together in a long time. We had fun just the two of us walking around, he got to feed the animals, ride slides, take a train ride, jump on a air pumpkin and then we ended the day with a tractor ride to pick out the BEST pumpkin! It was a sunny day and perfect for a sack lunch outside and some fun mommy and Jayden time.

On the way home we were both quiet listening to the radio and out of the silence Jayden whispered from the back seat 'I love you Mom.' For those of you who know my son, this was a perfect ending to the perfect day.

I love you Bug.

The Perfect Pumpkin
It's a LLAMA!!

Loving the baby goats

My handsome man.

Halloween Party

Last week we headed to a couple we just met through KSL.
Right now you're thinking....what kind of couple are we talking about?
Well, have no worries we met them through Cory buying and selling truck parts. Tim is the same as Cory only he has about 60 + cars..Cory and Jayden are in heaven at their house. We went to dinner last month and they invited us to their Halloween party and it turned out to be pretty fun! We carved pumpkins and had a contest, ate dinner and they had a magician coming but it was so cold we went home early, anyway, it was a great night. I'm excited for the trunk or treat with Laurie next Saturday!
Daddy and Monkey Mash
Homemade Rootbeer with Dry Ice

The professional face painting

My version for Jayden (Don't worry, I won't quit my day job)

Casey in his Monkey Cop Mobile

Sunday, October 10, 2010

You're Full...I'm Full

There are numerous experiences a mother goes through with her children, they start during pregnancy and continue through birth and life. Every experience is different. Let me share one with you and then you can tell me if I've lost my mind.

I think this stems from nursing my babies....if they don't eat enough or I feel like they aren't getting enough I feel a strange pain or uneasiness. I could tell when they nursed, if they finished on both sides and I felt 'drained' then I felt a comfort because I knew they were full.

Well, this strange phenomenon continues as they get older. When Casey sits for a meal and eats a good amount of food or finishes everything I give him, I feel full. No matter if I've eaten or not, if he's satisfied, then I am. I can't even describe the feeling I get

Is that strange?

Monday, October 4, 2010

My MiLkShAkE brings all the boys to the yard....

Ok, my milkshakes don't bring all the boys.... but they do bring these two boys in for a drink and a sweet milk mustache.

Taste of my own Medicine

We all know Mr. Jayden and his ability to take me the edge of insanity most days. I am the first to admit I lose patience with him more than I should, and the other day he gave me a taste of just how impatient I am with him sometimes.

When he acts out, I'll say 'Jayden, do we talk like that?! NO!' 'Jayden, do we push brother?! NO!'

I'm always asking him questions and then answering with a real smart alleck tone. You know, like they teach you do in all the parenting classes you get BEFORE you have children.

On with the story...

I met Cory at my grandpa Earle's on Saturday to pick up the kids, as he was helping move the last of the stuff out and fix some last minute items. I drove the truck home because the seats were already buckled in, and this is the conversation that transpired.

"Mom, drive careful the tail gate to Blue (Cory's old truck he is working on) is in the back of the truck."

"Why is the tail gate to Blue in the back of the truck?"

"Ah, Mom, do we have any other trucks that run?....NO!'

I was laughing too hard to be mad...gave me a serious wake up call on how I talk to my son.

You know, for how good sex sure make up for it with the pains that come with children Ü

Monday, September 27, 2010

CaSeY Baby...

Watching brother play T-Ball
Wishing he was going to school with Brother

Wearing Brothers Hoody

Melting my heart.
Just a little update of our little Chunk Butt. He's busy walking, playing and learning. His favorite thing to do is be outside. When it's time to come in he sticks out that adorable bottom lip and cries. He is in love with Jayden Bug, as you can see from the pictures above. He hasn't started talking just yet, and I'm in no rush for that. He says. 'Uh-oh', 'Mo (more)' and usually 'Da-Da'.
He is different from big brother in many ways, he still LOVES to eat! His favorite is to sit on Dad's lap at the dinner table and eat with us. He is tender hearted and his feelings get hurt easy. When we say no, he listens for the most part. He has the cutest laugh and Bug can get him laughing so hard he almost can't breathe.
We were at my parent's last night and my dad said 'I know you wanted a little girl Kimmie, but that little boy is too cute, lovable and irreplaceable.' I must say...I agree!!
We love you chunk!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Whoa is ME

Days go by so quickly...I can't believe it's already September.

Work is going well, I finished up my lending classes and have been waiting since June to take my test. Hopefully, everything will be in order for me to take the test in October. I can't believe how busy the branch is. The people I work with are great and keep me laughing everyday, which for those who have worked with me is a MUST!

What I'm having a hard time with is making everyone happy..(I know, who would've thought?!) I work until 6:15 or 6:30 each night which doesn't get me home until 7 pm. Cory has the kids for 4 hours on his own Tues/Wed/Fri and then from 8-4 pm on Saturdays to accommodate my schedule. He is so great with the boys, Casey spends so much time with his Dad he cries when he leaves. By the time I get home, Cory is ready for a break and struggles on Saturdays when he could be getting things done around the house or yard. I can't blame him, that's a lot of on your time with the kids. So I find myself rushing home from work to relieve him and then if I have errands or something I want to do after work, it causes tension.

I also find if I take a longer lunch at work to get something done, it makes everyone else's schedule off. I haven't had a sick day (knock on wood) in 2010. Because I have to trade to have a Saturday off if I need, I don't use that much vacation. Even taking a week of in July, I've already built back up to almost 4 weeks of leave between sick/vacation since having Casey. When my family needs help, it's almost impossible to arrange time to do it. Between work and finding sitters for the kids it's damn near a miracle if it happens.

So, what's a working girl to do? Blog about it for therapy and keep busting her tail to reach her goals. Let's just hope the hubby and kids don't all end up in the nut house along the way!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cement, stairs, rocks, snakes and why I wasn't built for manual labor.

This weekend, Cory and I had planned to take the kids to Star Valley with my parents. After every Holiday this year racing to get packed, toting the kids all over and yard projects piling up.. we cancelled the trip.

Cory pulled out all the rocks in the backyard over the last several weeks and now it was time to build the cement wall. We rented a trailer full of cement Saturday morning, I was mowing the lawn and Cory was trying to determine how to get the cement from the trailer to the small space of the cement wall. There wasn't a funnel to pour the cement out of and the spout was at least 6 feet in the air. Just as I turned my back, I heard a huge thud. There stood Cory with the trailer tipped all the way over and 12,000 lbs cement all over the RV pad. I stopped mowing and grabbed a shovel. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry and with the look on Cory's face I didn't dare to either. With a few moments of silence, Cory turns to me with a sly smile and says 'I figured this was the only way to get you to help shovel.'

We laughed and then worked our tails off. Shoveling over and over to get the cement in its place before it started drying. Cement is HEAVY. Sweat dripping from our foreheads, it was sizzling hot. Cory was smoothing cement out and I looked down to see blood start pouring out of his nose. He literally put blood and sweat into that project!

Later that night we went to dinner and a movie with his mom Diane at the Junction. As we left the car in the parking garage and started down the steps, my leg had a epileptic seizure and down I went... almost a whole flight of stairs. Good thing Cory was in the way. I landed with all my weight on the edge of the step right on my ass. OuCh. I was laughing and crying at the same time and my cheeks flooded with the heat of embarrassment. With no other accidents that night we enjoyed our date.

Today, again at work in the back yard. I was scooping up dirt from the last project with the tractor and glanced over just as Casey grabbed the handle of the wheelbarrow full of rocks and it started to tip in his direction. I dropped my shovel and took three wide strides towards him. The last stride, my ankle buckled under a rake as I caught Casey. It was the kind of sprain that made you want to swear and throw up in the same breath. I decided it was time and safest to lay Casey down for his afternoon nap.

I went back outside and limped to the front yard to get the hose to spray of some dirt from the curbing. Just as I reached my hand into the secondary water box I looked down as I heard the leaves russle and saw the thick end of the snake escaping right by my hand. I screamed and started running towards Cory. He yells 'Stop running, your going to hurt your ankle worse!'

I tried to yell, but only a ghastly whisper came out. It was like fear was choking my throat so I couldn't talk. 'S.N.A.K.E, there is a SNAKE!!!'

Cory and Jayden were my brave snake wrestlers, but with no avail. He got away before they could get him. I told Cory, 'You realize I'm NEVER turning on the water again, right?' Cory again with the sly smile 'Yes, I'm FULLY aware.'

I've told Cory time and time again, I wasn't built for manual labor. I can keep a damn clean house and pride myself on cooking, laundry and picking up every single day after the boys. When it comes to yard work and manual labor, my body just doesn't cut it. I had no idea it was going to take this to prove it to him.

Excuse me now...I'm going to ice my ankle and put the rest of my body in a steaming SNAKE free bubble bath.

Monday, August 23, 2010

She thinks my Tractor's SeXy..

The tractor is back...we were removing rocks from our backyard in our continuous journey to clean up and remodel our yard. One thing is for certain..I was NOT meant for manual labor. Ask Cory, he'll tell you all I did was follow him around with a shovel and pretend to help.

Casey sat with Cory for almost an hour..he was in a trance the ENTIRE time!

I have no idea how or why I got as lucky as I did to be blessed with this trio of boys. They each add so much to my life and in different ways. My world would be lost without their smiles, their voices, the hugs, the cries and most of all their laughs and the many 'I love you's'.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Slow down Mama Bear

I'm struggling...BIG surprise I know.

Jayden is old enough now that he is wanting to venture within our neighborhood to make friends. Although this may sound like not a big deal, I'm finding myself at yet another milestone of motherhood.

On the one hand, it's nice because he's getting to the age where he can entertain himself with riding his bike or playing in the backyard. However, slowly we are reaching the point where he is now in the front yard riding his bike in the cul-de-sac and visiting the neighbor kids.

On the other hand, I find myself a bit worried. I hear all of these horror stories about kids being plucked right out of their neighborhoods by kidnappers and I've used the crime watcher website and know there are 3 sexual predators within 3 miles from our house, one of which is just around the block.

The next worry I'd like to share I have to be careful of because you never know who reads your blog when it's public, but I'm still not sure how to handle some things. There are several kids on our block who don't look the same as Jayden. One little girl is really nice and loves to ride bikes with Jayden and they seem to play well together. There are two older kids who don't like to play with Jayden and it's obvious. I've heard them telling Jayden to go away or call him names. He's already told their mom to make her kids be nice to him because all he wants to do is play. I'm nervous because I find myself watching out the window thinking 'Are they being nice?' 'What are they saying to him?' 'Why are they riding his bike?' What do I do if they tell Jayden they don't want to play because they look different? Is it because they look different or is it because they just really don't like Jayden bugging them?

I wish I could be a fly on the wall to ensure the kids are nice to him and it makes my maternal instincts kick in to think someone is being mean to my son. If they are, do I talk with their parents? At what point is it just kids being kids and I should just leave it. I know there are many lessons ahead of Jayden in his life and that all I can do is stand beside him, to be there for him as he learns about the world ~ the good and the bad. The urge to protect my kids keeps getting stronger as they get older and it's no longer just protecting from illness or falling while learning to walk and kissing the bumps and the bruises better. We're heading into the tough waters of emotional hurt caused by others.

I know Jayden is a social bug just like his Mom and he loves to have friends and do things to impress them. Whether it's offering half of West Point a Popsicle from our freezer or sharing his bike with thing is for sure he loves to have friends to play with. I just hope that he finds good friends along the way and learns that those who don't love him for who he is are not worth the time and self doubt they sometimes cause.

Just when I think I have the toddler stage down, here we go into adolescence and the curves that come with learning social etiquette. I just have to remember to put on the brakes when it comes to protecting my child, to keep telling myself:

Slow down Mama Bear...he'll be ok.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Girls Day at Sea...

Well, maybe not at Sea but Jordanelle Lake.

Last Sunday, I ventured out with 4 of my friends to take our boat out for the day. Cory was so great to trust me with our boat and my parents were nice enough to let me use their Tahoe to pull it.

I wasn't so confident about pulling the boat with Cory's truck and had always done better with our Tahoe when we had it. We were able to launch and load the boat with no problems. I impressed myself by staying calm and confident and it ended up being a breeze! I always get so stressed when I'm backing the truck down the boat ramp in between all the other boats and trailers. Cory said he wasn't worried and knew I could do, so that gave me a boost of self confidence I needed.

We had a GREAT day, it started out cool but ended up being warm enough for us all to get sunburned. We spent the day laughing, wake boarding, tubing, laying out and enjoying Morgan's homemade cocktails. It was so much fun relaxing and talking about everything and nothing all at the same time.

I'm pretty sure I've never laughed so hard in my life, here are some generic topics we laughed about without revealing who said what Ü


Wetsuits applied backwards creating a HUGE amount of cleavage







Flubba or Flooba I can't remember

Going so fast on the wake board, my life flashed before my eyes

Watching two butts fly through the air simultaneously off the tube

Other girls...
The list could go on and on.

Here is the only picture I dare post as I was threatened with my life if I posted swimsuit pictures of anyone. I figured this was the safest option as all bodies are hidden in the water!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Good Bye Fishy Fishy

Tonight we realized that our eldest fish had passed away. He was our biggest fishy and this was very upsetting to Jayden. As we laid in bed for our nightly ritual of mommy ~ son talks, again I'm left giggling and so thankful he is mine.
Jayden: 'Mom, do you think that fish died cuz he choked on the worm I fed him?'
Me: 'I don't think so Jade.'
Jayden: 'You think he spit it out?'
Me: 'I don't know.'
After several seconds of silence..
Jayden: 'Mom, have you ever seen a fish spit? Like this?'
He proceeds to make a spit noise and now I'm laughing hysterically!
Me:'Jayden, where did you come from?'
Jayden: 'God.'
Jayden: 'Mom, if I didn't OWN you then God would've sent me to another family.'
'I'm soooo glad God chose me for your mom Jade!'
I LOVE our conversations...sometimes I wonder where he comes up with all this stuff. Keeps Cory and I our toes for sure Ü

Day at the Zoo

Tuesday, our new nanny decided to venture out with all the kids for a morning at the zoo. They all survived, and she even came back to work the next day Ü Jayden's favorite part was the baby elephant, he said 'Mom! We saw the baby elephant eat a watamelon..with it's NOSE!'

The kids really like their new 'babysister' which everyone else calls 'babysitter.'

Ethan, Casey, Jayden & Harry
Jayden, Harry & Ethan



Monday while I had the kids, Jayden and I found some fun little dinosaurs that expand with water. They were suppose to grow like 10 times their regular size. So, we all lined up with our cups and picked out our color. Water we go!

Alison patiently waiting
Jayden...looking a little 'high' on life

5 minutes later...Aunt Kimmie notices on the package it says SEVERAL HOURS to grow.
Ok, so it wasn't the extravagant science experiment we were hoping for but it gave 5 minutes of entertainment Ü

My ouchies are BIGGER....

Just when I think I've heard EVERY argument in the book between Jayden and Harrison...I'm yet again surprised.

I was driving home from picking up Laurie's kids in the morning last Monday, the usual conversations were taking place. Alison is mumbling to Casey, Casey is happily humming and Jayden and Harry are in the midst of toddler 'peeing contest'.

Those two are so competitive with each other. Seriously, we have to be fair with everything. Whoever gets to pick where they sit in the car, the other gets to pick which plates they eat on for lunch or what room they sleep in for nap time, and so on and so on. If we don't follow these rules the arguments go on and on. 'Mom, tell Hay-son I'm funnier.' 'He won't give me that truck' 'He has the big bike' 'I want that color', etc etc.

This morning, Harrison was scratching his leg where he'd gotten some scraps from camping the previous weekend. Jayden, being ever so observant says

'Hay-son' (He can't pronounce his 'r's)
'I've got more ouchie's than YOU do!'

Seriously, we're starting before we even get home!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Casey Lake

Ooohhh..Noisy presents!
Look at our BABY!!

We celebrated Casey's first birthday yesterday, it was a busy night! Cory did great and handled BBQ for 25 people Ü He got spoiled of course, which he deserved. We went camping over the weekend and he came down with a fever and ear infection..not a good way to start the big boy years.

We got him on antibiotics on Sunday, so he was feeling a little better. The hardest part of the day was explaining to Jayden why all these people weren't here for HIM. He stayed entertained for the most part playing with his cousins outside.
The second hardest (ok well the HARDEST) part of the day was reading Casey his card. Yes I got him a card. I whispered how proud I was to be his mother and how thankful I was for him in my life. He is the sweetest baby and he makes me want to be a better person. I got tearful because this was my last first birthday. My BABY is 1!
I'm so grateful for all of our family. It is so nice to have the ability to get both sides of the family together, we had a great time with a lot of laughs. When Cory and I went to bed that night, I leaned over and said 'We're lucky Babe.' Too bad he was already snoring from his marathon yard care and cooking skills!
Happy Birthday Casey Lake, you make our family complete. Never lose that contagious smile that melts your mother's heart.

Don't try this at home

This is Cory attempting to unravel the balloon that Jayden thought would be fun to put in the ceiling fan. Notice his creative ladder? I wonder where our son gets all of his creative ideas?!

Waking up in the GHETTO..

This morning, Cory went out to start his truck and came back to report that our white vinyl fence had been vandalized with purple spray paint. The criminals were nice enough to provide a potrait of a HUGE male part complete with a saying underneath 'SUCK IT'.

I'm pretty sure our house value increased at least by 10%

I'm just sayin....

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Date Night

Cory and I had planned to go to Wendover with some people from work, when that didn't pan out we decided to take advantage of the baby sitter for the night and have a date. We left at 5 pm and headed to West Valley to take a look at a truck for Cory.

As you can see it was a real piece of work!

After Cory dedcided NOT to buy the truck, we headed towards Ogden. We stopped at Robintino's and had a delicious dinner free of crying and whining kids. We had tickets to WiseGuys at 10 pm in Ogden to see Jon Reep winner of the Last Comic Standing season 5. Cory and I watch that show and really enjoyed him. It was hysterical! We got to sit in the front row it's not a huge place but they were great seats anyways. It was something fun and different to do together and I'm glad we went.

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