Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Jayden's Christmas Performance

Jayden's school put on a production for the parents on Monday night. The pre-3/pre-4 class sang two songs to open the night.
Jayden hadn't really talked about singing or acting excited, so we weren't sure how he'd do. When we got there, we took him to a classroom where they were playing a movie to 'entertain' the kids. You wouldn't believe how many people were there! The whole auditorium was full! When they brought the kids out, Jayden's face went pale! He didn't sing he just sat there and looked at everyone.
He was less than pleased with us on the ride home, he asked: "Mom, who were all those people lookin at me?!"
I guess he takes after his father's stage fright...I mean we all know what a performer his mother is right!!
Oh well, he looked so cute up there anyways...panic attack and all!
The 'star' was shakin up a bit!
Casey was bright eyed and loving all the action Ü

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