Friday, November 20, 2009

NeW mOoN

Jenn got us tickets to a PRE-showing of New Moon! It was so much fun Ü I won't give details for those who haven't read the book or have seen the show yet. I thought it was better than Twilight, not quite the best acting I've seen.

My favorite actor was Jacob (Taylor), I thought by far he did the best. BTW- don't you think Cory's cousin Marcus looks like him? (Um- I didn't tell him I was going to post this picture...hope he doesn't get upset! Ü)

I've decided I like Edward more in the book (Sorry, Jenn I really don't think Rob Patterson is good looking) and I like Jacob in the movie. He did a really good job and I thought the special effects with the wolves was EXCELLENT!

It was a great GNO...thanks LaDiEs!!


Taylor's mom said...

THANK YOU~ That was fun. Elmo's next of our fun adventures !?!!

Kallie said...

I agree, I liked Edward too in the book. But after seeing this movie I am more of a Jacob fan. Especially once he cut his hair.

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