Friday, November 20, 2009

First Friend Birthday PaRtY!

The one on the far right is Lucinda

Can you see Jayden in this picture...keep the eyes on the prize!

Patiently waiting...
Jayden's classmate Lucinda celebrated her 4th Birthday today after school, it was Jayden's first friend party. We went to McDonald's for lunch, presents and cupcakes! He had so much fun, and Lucinda kept chasing him around yelling 'Jayden, wait for me!' What a little heartbreaker Ü
I sat in McDonald's watching all the families thinking to myself...there are three types of McDonald moms
1-Those who bring their first child at 1 year old who really can't play but they are anxious for the time when they can. They sit in the high chair and mush fries in their mouth
2-Those who bring older kids to entertain for 30 minutes so they can sit
3-Those who have multiple children and are so tired don't hear their kids screaming at the top of the slide because their sibiling just punched them in the arm. They are the zombie moms!
I decided I'm at level 2...and a little scared of when I reach level 3~

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