Monday, November 16, 2009

ChUcK E. cHeEsE

No Potter Harry (Get It?!)
Momma and Lil' J
E-Walk & H-Son
H-Dog & J. Crew
Since last weekend Cory was sick, poor Jayden had to stay home with us all weekend long. Usually that wouldn't be so bad, but with Dad out sick there was no wrestlin, no working on trucks and no fun outside with Daddy.
To help him work out some severe cabin fever, Monday night I took Jayden, Harrison, and Ethan to Chuck E. Cheese for pizza. They had a good time and drove me crazy of course. Ethan was a good helper, besides teaching Jayden to call things FAT! They saw a horse and Ethan says 'Jayden, say FAT HORSIE'
So of course he complies, and then continues to call everything else fat. So, a BIG FAT thanks to Ethan for the wonderful speech lesson!
*I was feeling a bit creative with my picture them? Ü

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