Monday, October 12, 2009

You're Gonna Miss This...

I start back to work tomorrow :( I have a very heavy heart this time around. It seems like with Jayden I was bored and ready to go back. This time my days are full of pre-school drop offs, babysitting, cooking, cleaning, school, oh my!
I feel like with 30 hours a week, 10 hour days my family time is seriously going to be lacking. I was just nursing Casey and he kept stopping to smile at me...made me a little tearful for what's to come tomorrow. I made the nanny a two page note with instructions, notes and things Casey likes and dislikes. I have my clothes ready to go for the morning, lunch made and the diaper bag ready to go. Has it seriously been twelve weeks??
Here is just a sample of the things I'm going to miss...yes I said MISS!!

This is how I found Jayden up from his 'nap'...looking for snacks.

1 comment:

Morgan said...

What are you doing packing a lunch? We should go out for lunch... it has been forever! Can't wait to see you tomorrow!

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