Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pumpkin Bars

So I got this recipe from Kirsten Davies blog Grandma's Desserts. (Check my blog list) and she had this delicious recipe. I was so PROUD of myself, I'm usually not the best baker..yes I can cook but baking is hit or miss. You have to try this recipe..it was soooo good! I won't tell you how many I ate by myself, let's just say it wasn't good for me! The icing was the best part, yummy!


KC said...

I like how you have foil over the pan so we really CAN'T see how many you ate! It's looks GOOD! Yes, the frosting is the BEST part! You'll have to try my pumpkin roll coming up soon! Thanks for adding my blog to your list! AWESOME!

Kallie said...

My favorite! Save some for me.

Kallie said...

Wow, I love her website. Some really yummy treats. Is this someone you know?

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