Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pink Eye?

When Casey was about 8 weeks old, I thought I came down with pink eye. Both eyes were red, not really any discharge (that's such a gross word!) but sore. So I had my OB prescribe me drops for pink eye and used them for a day or two and it went away.

Over the last 3 days, my left eye went pink again! I thought..are you kidding me?! Jayden and Casey never came down with it, so I wasn't sure where I was getting it from. Well this time, my eye got really red and it hurt. Almost felt like my eyeball was bruised. So I went to the eye doctor and they examined my eye. It turns out something was in my contact and irritating my eye and made it swollen.

So, the good news is no pink eye or infection. The bad news, have to change contact solution and wear glasses for an entire week! YUCK! The doctor told me it would be a good idea to actually finish the prescription drops this time, not stop when the red goes away...lol! So here is what I look like for the next week..can you say 'four eyes!'


Jani said...

I think you look like a sexy school girl- Does hubby like sexy school girls??? This could just change things up a bit! oh- ya I forgot your a mom with two kids- never mind ha ha

The Green Family said...

Ha ha is right Jani! Yes, Cory does actually like my glasses, but not a lot of mommy/daddy time this last couple of months if you know what I mean!! ;)

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