Friday, October 30, 2009

Pay LESS!!

A girl from work gave me the Oprah coupon today for 50% off EVERYTHING in the entire store at Payless shoes! Needless to say, I took advantage of it!

Won't these be fun boat shoes for Casey next summer
Ok, my first matching shoes for the boys...I loved these Airwalks!

Purse, 2 pair earrings, hat, scarf, 1 pair high heels, 1 pair suede boots, 2 pair infant shoes, 1 pair toddler snow boots, 2 pair slippers, 2 pair men shoes.
I saved over $150!! I get a rush just thinking about it!


Kallie said...

Sweet deal, thanks for sharing. I love your boots, they didn't have those in my size. I also like the grey airwalk shoes, are those yours?

The Green Family said...

No, I got those for Cory

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