Saturday, October 17, 2009

More Baking...

Banana Bars
Homemade Oreo's

My lovely friend Kirsten (Grandma's Desserts) is not helping my baking addiction lately! This time I made homemade oreo cookies. I had a slight blonde moment in the process, she showed pictures with parchment paper on her pans. Well I don't have parchment paper so I decided that wax paper would work just as well. (Wait for it) So, I lay a piece of wax paper on my pans and happily put them in the oven. About 3 minutes later, I opened the oven to check on them and a billow of smoke came out.
Cory said 'What are you burning?'
I replied 'Oreo's, I'm not sure what's wrong, I just barely put them in.'
Cory 'Could it be the WAX paper in the oven??'
Kim 'Oh, I get it WAX paper. I guess WAX smokes when it gets hot!!!'
Is it too late to use the 'baby has taken all my brains' card??
Anywho, I made some banana bars that are almost the same recipe as pumpkin bars and I have to say that the pumpkin bars win. But, who could let a good dessert go to waste...NOT ME!!!
Happy Baking Ü


Kallie said...

Who are you kidding, you still have time to bake? I love the wax paper thing, I have actually thought about it before. But never dared try it. I wondered if there was a difference, now I know!!! I love blonde moments, Bryce can tell you how many I have had in the kitchen.

The Jacobsen's said...

I was laughing so hard while reading this! Thanks for teaching us all a lesson-Don't bake with Wax paper-

The Green Family said...

See...I knew there would be benefits to posting my blone moments!!

So glad I could help some friends out Ü

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