Friday, October 23, 2009


I was in class last night and started to talk with Lisa (Big Sis) over instant messenger. Apparently she was typing on her Iphone and having a hard time.

She tried to tell me 'goodnight' and ended up typing first *nigget* then *migget* (Me-Get). Although, they both sound like swear words to me, think they could come in handy.

I asked her what those words meant and she didn't know, I'd be curious to see what you thought. I thought about calling my teacher a dumb migget for giving me the hardest problem of the whole class to do in front of everyone.

Remember that Superbowl commerical where the guy throws the cell phone at his friend's head for anti-theft protection? I wanted to do that with my calculator last night!

So, next time you want to swear at someone, call them a migget instead!

1 comment:

Kallie said...

I thought this post was going to be about me, I didn't think you knew how to spell midget. Ha, Ha. Since that is my nickname you use to call me.

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