Monday, September 28, 2009

Oh No He Didn't!!

Houston - We have a problem! Apparently, Jayden is experiencing a delayed reaction to having a new baby in the house. We've had a rough week or so, it seems like since he came down with the croup, along came the naughty genes with it.

For those of you who know Jayden, he isn't he most well-behaved child but he isn't the worst either. Well as of late, the temper-tantrums have been coming full force (Cory's pet peeve) he stamps his feet or throws himself around the floor wailing the whole time. He has a hard time listening and is always getting into something he shouldn't.

Well, yesterday he had a bad day and was in his room in time out more than not. He asked Cory for something and Cory told him no because he was being naughty. Jayden threw a fit and Cory sent him to his room. Cory followed Jayden into his room and Jayden didn't know it. Jayden went in his room, walked over to his bed dropped his pants and proceeded to PEE all over his bed and floor! Cory yelled 'What are you doing?!' which caused Jayden to turn and pee on more carpet.

Oh my word, I'm not sure if all of us are going to survive this and I haven't decided who isn't going to make it. On another fit of Jayden's he kicked Casey right in his forehead...this is where I'm supposed to take a deep breath, count to ten and NOT beat my child, right?!


Jani said...

Yep- that's harder said then done. I think my Kyle had more spankens in his entire life while I was on maturnity leave. Hang in there... See it won't be so bad having to come back to work it will be more of a break!

Emily said...

All I can say is let me know when you figure it out! My boys have sucha love hate relationship, but i think the good times are out weighing the bad (somedays) So i think it gets easier. BUT can you tell Cory not to be mad, BUT when I read that about the PEE I laughed!!! I know it is not funny, but it really kind of is.
GOOD LUCK! I hope we make it up to see you guys next week!

Rob'n'Mon said...

That's a pisser! Ha! Rob says to tell you to use vinegar where he peed. Apparently it will neutralize the acid in the urine. Otherwise when it gets wet in the future, the stain will continue to show. Just a tip...

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