Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Family BBQ

Jayden & Grandma racing
Rocking Casey
Me, Cory's Mom Diane and Casey

Me trying to get Diane and Ashley to carry such luck!
Last weekend we got together at Cory's grandparent's house for a BBQ. It was Papa's 85th birthday, Grandma's birthday and their wedding anniversary. We had a great time and yummy roasts from Snider's. It's been too long since we all got together, Cory's cousin Amber surprised everyone and flew in from California! I'm so lucky to have such fun in-law's, we had a blast!


Kallie said...

You look great, what is your secret? And how do you find time to curl your hair with 2 kids?

The Green Family said...

Well, I have a disease that I can't leave my house without it being curled and I've been chasing Jayden around to keep in shape!
Thanks for the compliments Ü

Jani said...

I think I have the same disease- I can't leave the house without it picked up and beds made either. You do look amazing! Your so lucky to have in laws you actually like to hang out with!

Morgan said...

Kim!!! How are you? We still need to get together! Can't believe how big Casey is getting! You do look great! Hope things are going good!

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