Saturday, September 26, 2009

ACID Anyone?

Immediately After
Day 2

Most of you that know me, are familiar with my obsession of my face and all the acne that resides there. I go to a esthetician for acne treatments and chemical peels every 6-8 weeks. Last year I had her do something called a 'Hate Peel' and really liked the results so I did it again!
Basically, after she is done poking a needle in my pores and zits and 'expressing' them with a tool that resembles a sewing needle and her hands. Then she rubs an acid over my face over and over again until it 'frosts' (the skin dies and it turns white).
It takes about 10 days of extreme ugly and your old skin peels off and new, healthy skin is there to replace it. It does wonders for acne scarring as well as wrinkles. As often as I do it, I told Laurie 'I may have zits until I'm 40 but I'll have the face of a teenager!' No wrinkles!
Yes, it HURTS!! In fact as she starts under the lights, she tells me 'Welcome to Hell'. I have to hold a fan on my face when she puts the acid on it, because it feels like hot liquid magma and that it's rubbing layers of my face off...oh wait...IT IS! I decided and be brave to show you some pictures of before and after. I'm on day 3 and my skin is really tight, shiny and looks like a sort of a scab. I will update pictures and do a before/after when it's all said and done. People give me the strangest looks Ü
BTW- Crystal is AMAZING and does everything!
Eyebrow Tinting/Waxing
Acne treatments/Microdermabrasion
Chemical Peels
Give her a call....801- 498-PURE


Rob'n'Mon said...

You are truly the craziest person I know.....yep...that's all I have to say...

Jani said...

The pain women have to go through to be beautiful!

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