Friday, August 7, 2009

Green Update..

Aunt Laurie introducing Casey to Alison

Post Sneeze
Some first time Smiles
Things are going well again at the Green house! Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts that were sent my way. I did finally find my WEDDING RING!!! It was at the top of my closet where I throw my purses that aren't in use, under several purses. So - now I have a organized closet AND my ring! (Yes, I cried when I found it)
I've been seeing a Chiropractor for my back, it turns out that I have a part of my lower spine fused to my Sacrum (butt bone). From pushing during delivery it flared up and that is what is causing all of the pain. I've had it since birth, it just has taken this long to make itself known. The dr said if I had been overweight or not in good shape (thanks Dr, we all know how 'in shape' we feel after giving birth!) that I would've noticed a lot sooner. He was surprised I didn't have this pain with Jayden but it is very common and with 90 days of therapy will hopefully be better. I already feel 100% better than where I was. Some days are better than others but at least I can function as well as take some rest when needed.
Casey is doing good, he is usual newborn and sleeping all day and awake all night! We pretty much look like zombies Ü He LOVES to eat, about every two hours and sometimes more than that. His cheeks are nice and round, his lower region has healed nicely and his cord should be falling off any day. He loves to have his hair washed in the sink with really warm water, his eyes kind of go crossed eyed like he's in a trance! He had a case of gas and fire poops that left him with a red bum :( Other than that things are looking good as we head into week 3 with a newborn + toddler. We have a dr appt on Thursday for a check up and some shots, not my favorite part at all.
Again- thank you for all the dinners, calls, e-mails and offers to clean my house (yes, Laurie, Melissa and my mom all offered, my poor mother won and spent a morning sweating over my house..Love you Mommy!!) I'm so lucky to have such caring and thoughtful friends and family. It means the world to our family. It's nice to see light at the end of the tunnel of such a long, scary and painful two weeks.


Kallie said...

Yea!!! I am so glad you found your ring. What a relief.

Jani said...

So happy things are greener at the green house! Casey is sooo cute! Give him a love for me!

Melissa, Benton, and Roxy said...

I'm so glad you're starting to feel better! Sounds like you are doing really well, let me know if you need anything!

Emily said...

I am glad to hear you are feeling better. Sure wish we were closer so Jayden could come play! Casey is adorable!

Andrea said...

Congrats Kim! I'm so happy for you. He is so beautiful! Hope all is well with you!

Love, Andrea

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