Thursday, August 20, 2009

First Day of School

Doing a puzzle waiting for Mom
Making friends

Not sure where the Cheese Smile came from!
Yesterday Jayden started his first day at Christian Heritage. He is in the Pre-3 class and goes Mon/Wed/Fri 8:30 -11:30 and his teacher is Mrs. Candy. He has been really excited to go all month long and woke up in a good mood (unusual for my son) we talked to daddy and both grandmas on the way to school to tell him good luck. His excitement started to dwindle as we headed down the hallway to his classroom, then he got really nervous as we walked in the room. I figured it was like pulling off a band aid..just do it quick and leave him be. He squeezed my hand and didn't want to let go but a really nice teacher aid saw him struggling and walked him over by the crafts. I used that as a opportunity to make my escape, I only got a little tearful as I walked down the hallway with Casey to leave. He did great and told me when I picked him up that I should get a school like his, because it is WAY FUN MOM! Mrs. Candy told me he did great and they have a super class this year. I'm glad he enjoyed it, he needed a break from irritable mom and new brother to have some Jayden time! We love you Jayden and are so proud of all you do!

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Kallie said...

Oh, wow I didn't know he was starting already. He looks all grown up in the picture with his classmates. I bet that is a nice break for mom and baby too! It works out for all of you.

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