Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Casey Update

I thought it was time for an update from the crazy mother! Casey is doing good, still sleepy during the day and fussy at night. Saturday night he went to bed at 11 pm, woke up at 1:30 am and wouldn't go back to sleep! Finally at 4:30 am I told Cory I was putting him in the car seat and going for a drive, worked like a charm! He slept in his car seat all buckled in until 7 am! I only had to drive to Roy and back and then I just kept in our room in his seat. (I'm sure that's fine...right?!) As I drove around with no other cars to be seen, I kept looking at all the houses with their lights out and said (outloud) 'I bet those kids are sleeping Casey!'

Last night was a little better, he slept from 10 pm - 1:30 am, nursed and went back to sleep until 4:30 am. He was awake until 5 or so and then slept until 7:30. Hopefully, we're getting a little closer to normal!

I went to my check up today, apparently I'm a chocolate mess however. I have a mild case of pink eye in both eyes, no sleep and told the doc I need a RX of happy pills to get me through! He happily obliged and said 'we all need a little pick me up sooner or later' I felt like telling him my pick me up's are usually in the form of Pina Coladas! Ü So, they sent me on my way with my prescriptions.

I start school again tonight, so hopefully Daddy will be ok for 4 hours on his own. Casey takes two bottles a day of breast milk/formula mixture so it should be fine...or so I hope.

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Kallie said...

Wow, Casey is already looking so different. Hang in there it will get better, I promise.

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