Friday, July 3, 2009

New Toy....

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This week Cory decided to trade in his Harley & Truck for a new toy that the whole family can enjoy...a new BOAT!! After a L---O---N---G day of getting financing, papers and the actual boat we brought it home last night. We went out with the Youngers today to East Canyon and it was so much FUN! The weather was great (I have a sunburn to prove it) and Cory had a blast. The kids had a blast on the 2 person tube. Jayden even got in the tube for a spin with Aunt Laurie. Laurie's twins got on the tube, I never knew the twins could fly like that! We had one minor incident where our battery died so the Lake Patrol saved us and we were able to finish boating with no catastrophe's. We met the dealer on the way home and they switched us. We're planning to take Cory's mom and Uncle out to Jordanelle on Sunday. It was sad to see Cory's bike and truck go but I think we have many a fun times ahead. Hopefully after Casey comes I'll get to play a little, for now I had a great time laying in the sun and watching the kids play.


Kallie said...

I've got to say I am surprised he gave up his bike. I am jealous, I love boating. This will be a great family activity for your cute little family of 4. Wow, only a couple more weeks.

Morgan said...

Nice boat! I want to go out sometime! Your baby bump looks so cute!

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