Monday, July 20, 2009

A BIG Thanks!

Jayden's Kandice

Logan, Jayden, Lindsey and Preston

Friday was Jayden's last day at Super Kids Daycare. He's been there almost a year and it's the best decision we've made in daycare so far. He's starting at Christian Heritage next month and since I'll be home with Casey, Jayden will stay with me until then. Kandice has been so wonderful and always welcomed Jayden with love and care. We all know Jayden isn't the easiest or most mellow child - Kandice was just the ticket! He absolutely loved it there, and would spend the evenings telling Cory and I about his exciting days. He learned so much from her, we truly are thankful for all that she did for Jayden. It's hard to leave your kids, so it makes it easier when you have someone as loving as Kandice. He'd tell me at night, 'Mom - I love my Kandice.' I'm sure he'll miss the kids and Kandice so much, we'll for sure need to do playdates.

Kandice - Thank you so much for loving Jayden and teaching him so much. You are truly a life saver and worth every penny! Good luck with your family and all that comes your way, please know you touched Jayden's life in a special way and for that we'll always be thankful!

P.S. - This is what happens when he's left at home with mom all day...

Kitty litter in the drive way from dad's truck + high speed scooter - helmet = Gigantic Bloody Goose Egg!
Apparently I need to brush up on my full time mom skills!!

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