Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We are finally home! What a long, exciting, scary and rewarding 48 hours!
We checked into Davis at 7 am on Sunday, 26th. Dr. Hurst was waiting for me, I jumped into my gown and he broke my water right at 7:30 am. Laurie got my IV started and by 8:15 I was feeling really strong contractions. I was still dilated to just a 2+, so I was hoping to wait to get my epidural until I was a bit further. Apparently, my pain tolerance isn't that high - by 8:45 I was almost in tears and asking Laurie for my epidural.
The doc came in and the procedure started out the same it did with Jayden. She inserted the 'bee sting' needle and then started to feed the epidural line. I was having contractions every 2 minutes so my mind were on those and now the tears were streaming. She asked me to let her know if I tasted metal in my mouth or if my ears started to ring. Well all of a sudden, my ears were popping and something didn't feel right. The last thing I remember seeing is Cory's eyes asking me if I was ok and I said 'No, I feel heavy' and down I went! I passed out a total of 3 times, not responding at all. Because I didn't respond, the nurse had to do sternum compressions (Beat the crap out of my chest bone until I responded) which hurts by the way!
I was numb from my shoulders down to my toes and she didn't even give me a full dose of epidural! They still aren't sure why I had the reaction, the best they could tell is that the epidural hit the wrong pocket in my spine and ended up being a 'spinal tap' like for C-Sections instead of vaginal delivery. I was in and out for the next two hours and started to come to about 10:50 am, my hands were back to normal and now I could feel contractions again so they gave me a bit more just in case. That got me through the actual delivery, Dr. Hurst came in and pushes through three contractions later we had Casey! It was a very good delivery, his heart rate stayed strong throughout my epidural issues and he showed what great lungs he had as soon as he came out! He latched right on to nurse (Jayden took about 4 days of HELL) and has continued to be a great nursing baby.
Once we were moved into the post partum room, they explained that some side effects from my epidural could include a 'spinal headache' from the hole in my spinal cord leaking fluid (Laurie, I don't remember all the technical terms so stop laughing at my explanation!) I felt good right after and my numbness went away fast. We had family and Jayden come and meet Casey. Jayden was so excited, the first thing he said was 'Why he have no arms?' (Swaddled in blanket) 'Why he no talking to me mom?' The whole nursing thing has been interesting to say the least with Curious George by my side Ü
Once everyone left, it was just me and Casey. We had a fairly good night, he had some gas bubbles but nursed well. At about 2:30 am, my headache started, it got so bad...for those who have migraines I have a whole new respect. The headache progressed to my lower neck and felt like I was in a car accident not able to move my head at all. I was pretty tearful that morning in so much pain and had to wait for the anesthesiologist to come in. They ended up giving me a blood patch. They draw blood from my arms and inject it into my spine via epidural needle right above where the previous epidural was. It was painful to have blood drawn and there was a lot of pressure in my back. I think he injected 22 ml of blood in my back, but the result was immediate. My neck pain went away! I had to lay still on my back for an hour without moving and having to take it easy for a week. (P.S. The beautiful sleeping picture of Casey and I above is right after all of that so that is why I look like death warmed over!)
They said I could still have headaches for several months after and I might have to go back in for another patch. Needless to say it was not a fun experience and scared me and Cory pretty bad. I'm still not sure why it happened, I must just have weird anatomy. The dr said he's never seen anything quite like that with my symptoms in the 9 years he's been in medicine. Cory said he's taking me to Vegas, I have one in a million odds!

Overall, Casey is here and we're doing good. He's so cute! I can't wait for everyone to meet him. Thanks so much for all the support and we're ready for visitors just call and let us know! Also, be aware that my 3 yr old gets very excited with company so enter at your own risk! :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Roy Aquatic Center

Cole & Jayden
Watching the kids go down the super fast slide
Little Miss Sunshine Alison
This afternoon we met Laurie and her kids at the Aquatic Center to beat the heat. It was a great way to spend the afternoon, not near as scorching hot sitting in the kiddie pool all day. Jayden was a little fish, swimming with Cole and Ethan, going down the big boy slide 3 times and running all over. He was hesitant to leave but we had a great day, I'm enjoying every one of these minutes with Jayden. (Ok - we have our moments but who doesn't really??!!)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Monday, July 20, 2009

Casey Update

At our last doc appointment, I'm dilated to a 2 and started to thin so things are moving right along. We are scheduled to be induced on Sunday, July 26th so only 6 more days to go! I'm nervous and excited and everything in between.
I think we have help with Jayden organized for the delivery date and we've decided to take this one a bit easier than the first. There were so many people with Jayden, our last visitor didn't leave until almost midnight! So, we are having immediate family come up after we've moved into the post-partum room and then plan on extended family and friends after we get home. It's hard because you don't want to disappoint anyone, but at the same time - so exhausting after delivery. I also want to make sure we give Jayden time to meet his new brother and spend time as a family getting adjusted.
With my hectic schedule I keep, work full time + school and Jayden, Dr. Hurst told me it wouldn't be a bad idea to use the last week to relax. So I'm officially off work, which is nice and hard. I have a very hard time being at home and not doing chores..so after getting the house ready for the shower I've mellowed a bit and taken some time with Jayden.
This morning Jayden crawled in bed with me and we slept in until 9:30 followed by eggs and pankey's (pancakes). We went with Grandma Jo to get a new car seat and then Jayden and I caught the afternoon showing of UP.
I think it'll be good to use these last days of just one child to spend some missed time with Jayden and get the last of baby items in order.
We'll keep everyone posted, but Sunday should be the BIG day!

Even more Make Over's

On one of my more daring days in my eighth month of pregnancy, I decided to repaint my living room walls upstairs from a ugly purple (in my defense it was supposed to be red) to a softer brown. I used a Wooly brush and textured all four walls (each 14 feet high) and 10 hours later (ok, so it was a bigger project than I imagined!) Waala! I think it turned out great and last week I found a clearance sale at Taipan on wall art and got these great pictures for 50% off! This is just one of the walls, Cory put my pictures up and I'm in love! (Yes with the wall and Cory!) It's great to have a nice make over and feel pretty much complete before the baby comes. Now, if I could just get my yard in order! ;)

A BIG Thanks!

Jayden's Kandice

Logan, Jayden, Lindsey and Preston

Friday was Jayden's last day at Super Kids Daycare. He's been there almost a year and it's the best decision we've made in daycare so far. He's starting at Christian Heritage next month and since I'll be home with Casey, Jayden will stay with me until then. Kandice has been so wonderful and always welcomed Jayden with love and care. We all know Jayden isn't the easiest or most mellow child - Kandice was just the ticket! He absolutely loved it there, and would spend the evenings telling Cory and I about his exciting days. He learned so much from her, we truly are thankful for all that she did for Jayden. It's hard to leave your kids, so it makes it easier when you have someone as loving as Kandice. He'd tell me at night, 'Mom - I love my Kandice.' I'm sure he'll miss the kids and Kandice so much, we'll for sure need to do playdates.

Kandice - Thank you so much for loving Jayden and teaching him so much. You are truly a life saver and worth every penny! Good luck with your family and all that comes your way, please know you touched Jayden's life in a special way and for that we'll always be thankful!

P.S. - This is what happens when he's left at home with mom all day...

Kitty litter in the drive way from dad's truck + high speed scooter - helmet = Gigantic Bloody Goose Egg!
Apparently I need to brush up on my full time mom skills!!

Big Brother..

New Dresser from IKEA (Thanks Mom!)

New bed from Big Lots (Thanks Cory's Mom!)
With Casey on the way, we transferred Jayden across the hall to the bigger of the two rooms upstairs. I thought a twin bed would fit better in there and Jayden seems to be adjusting well! We went with a big boy theme and a Harley Davidson gray with red on the bottom. Cory did a great paint job and I found some chrome plating vinyl sticker online for the border. Jayden picked super hero & hulk smash sheets but mommy drew the line on the comforter and bought a matching one (I know, my poor child!) I think it turned out wonderful and maybe for Christmas Santa will bring Jayden a table to play on Ü

Drum Roll Please....

Ahh..organized closets Ü
Gone are the ducky's and onto the cars and truck-y's

We finally finished Casey's room, everyone has been asking for pictures but I couldn't post until I had the finished project! Cory helped me so much, I can't even begin to express my gratitude (ladies..wallpaper borders and husbands do not mix approach with extreme caution and ear plugs for the profanities!) I'm so excited with how it turned out, I LOVE it! Now, we just need a baby to put in the room..6 days and counting!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

bAbY Update...

We went in for the ultrasound this afternoon to see how big Casey is....drum roll please....
6 lbs 8 oz!! Let's put this into perspective, Jayden weighed 6 lbs 6 oz at BIRTH! I still have 3 weeks to go, we've scheduled to be induced on July 26th.

Cory has people on vacation at work, the hospital is giving Laurie a hard time about being my nurse. So with all that in between, the 26th is looking like the date. The nurse said we should expect at least 8 lbs by then, I'm a little nervous! (Yes I know babies over 8 lbs are born everyday, but it's a slight difference from 6 lbs.)

Casey looked so cute on the ultrasound (I'll update the picture tomorrow), his cheeks were very chubby and squished. They there's not much more room in there - all baby. I'm really excited to see him and kiss those cheeks!

Friday, July 3, 2009

New Toy....

Brave Boy
Already a Wake Board Pro

What Baby Bump?

This week Cory decided to trade in his Harley & Truck for a new toy that the whole family can enjoy...a new BOAT!! After a L---O---N---G day of getting financing, papers and the actual boat we brought it home last night. We went out with the Youngers today to East Canyon and it was so much FUN! The weather was great (I have a sunburn to prove it) and Cory had a blast. The kids had a blast on the 2 person tube. Jayden even got in the tube for a spin with Aunt Laurie. Laurie's twins got on the tube, I never knew the twins could fly like that! We had one minor incident where our battery died so the Lake Patrol saved us and we were able to finish boating with no catastrophe's. We met the dealer on the way home and they switched us. We're planning to take Cory's mom and Uncle out to Jordanelle on Sunday. It was sad to see Cory's bike and truck go but I think we have many a fun times ahead. Hopefully after Casey comes I'll get to play a little, for now I had a great time laying in the sun and watching the kids play.

Look Mom, No Training Wheels!!

About a week ago, Jayden came home from Pre-School asking Dad to try his bike without training wheels. I of course thought that was scary but Cory seemed ok with it. So, off the training wheels came and he took off as you can see! We are so proud of him, and will say that after a week of practice he is cruising down the driveway and standing up to pedel..YIKES!! What's a mother to do when her 3 year old is evil Knievel like his father??

Scary Summer Storms

Thought I'd show you how Jayden sleeps when there is thunder outside...kids sometimes have the wildest ideas!
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