Monday, June 15, 2009


We ventured to IKEA this last weekend to get Jayden's new dresser. (No Jill -no pictures of the room until all the decor is done!!) Cory was non to pleased about the drive, but overall I thought it was a great day.
I got mixed messages from co workers and friends, some loved the store others not so much. I have to say, I thought it was great! We left about 11:30 am, Jayden slept pretty much the entire drive there, such a good boy. Upon arrival we entered IKEA land. I couldn't believe how big the store was! There was a play land for kids, restaurant and everything imaginable for your house. (Monica - I saw the meatballs you rave about!)
Jayden loved the kid area, they had a swing that hung from the ceiling every kind of bed for kids and a ton of toys. I thought it was great, we had one catastrophe when Jayden took a running leap on one of the beds and broke a wooden chest. We did what any good parent would...walk very fast to the next department Ü
We found the dresser that I picked out online, picked it up from the warehouse and headed out the door. Cory told me I need to go back with my mom's (mine & his) when I can spend hours looking, I agree! I was pretty sore in the lower region by the time we left that made me waddle pretty badly :(
We stopped at 'Donald's' as Jayden refers to it in Centerville for a happy meal and some playtime outside. We ended the ride home with an ice cream cone and severe indigestion on my behalf. When we got home Cory opened the two boxes for the dresser, WOW! Every PIECE of the dresser had to be assembled, again Cory was so pleased! So I did what any good pregnant wife would do, I laid on Jayden's new bed and rested! Thanks for your help Babe, the new dresser looks great!

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