Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pregnancy Whoa's...

Well, I'm at 30 weeks and so far so good. When I hear about other women's pregnancies and all the sickness or problems they have I really am reminded of how lucky I am. But....there does come a time when it just feels good to vent!

Friday afternoon I started feeling pretty tired about 3:30 p.m. by the time I picked up Jayden from pre-school and made it home, it was all I could to change my clothes and climb into bed! I usually come home on Friday nights and get my cleaning done so I have the rest of the weekend to do yard work, homework or family time. But not this weekend! I seriously felt like someone beat the crap out of me, I couldn't hold my eyes open! When I did finally wake up, my lower abdomen & hips were aching so bad it was a chore to walk. YUCK! I felt so lazy, poor
Cory and Jayden had Eggo's for dinner because I didn't even want to cook :(

I felt a little more energy after dinner but just enough to walk downstairs to the couch! I'm still pretty tired tonight but after we went for a motorcycle ride with Laurie and James, Cory and I took a nap and I got most of my cleaning done, made dinner and even made Cory some yummy brownies. I guess I'm just to that point where it will get harder and harder to do my everyday things.

I do feel good that I didn't push it and listened to my body when it said 'you need to SLEEP!' We are now going to the Dr. every two weeks. So far so good, my last appointment I only gain 1/2 lb!! His heart rate sounds good and he is a very busy little guy in there, always moving. I get my next ultrasound at 36 weeks so I'll be sure to share pictures. We also got Jayden's new room painted, just have to get him a bed and dresser. I ordered Casey's bedding so we can paint his room next weekend. I'll get pictures posted of the final products!

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Jaime said...

Oh man that sucks! Remember it will be over so soon and then you'll be missing the misery!

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