Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mother's Day

Ok - so I'm a little behind Ü
We had a great day, started off with a lunch at Grandma Diane's. It ended up being just us, Cory's sisters and Denny. They made awesome hamburgers that I of course ate too much of.
Then we were off to my moms for dinner, the kids had a good time playing and my mother of course got all the girls a little present (clothes, which is never a bad...even when you're pregnant) Ü
My mom told me that on my way out to grab the plant my Aunt had gotten me, so on my way out I grabbed the one on the top shelf with a ribbon. I thought it was pretty heavy and big to be a gift...but it did have a bow. Well, we stopped by Laurie's on our way home to see the kids at her house and she saw the plant in my car. She said 'Where did you get that?' I told her it was the planter Aunt Laurie got me. She was surprised because her's was a lot different....well it turns out I stole my mom's planter that she got from her surgery!!! I'm such a dork, I really need to pay better attention when I'm doing things. My family thought it was hysterical and gave me a standing ovation when I returned the stolen plant. (Seriously, what would they do for entertainment without me??)
I thought I would share a fun picture of Jayden and Harrison playing 'dueling lawn mowers', my the things that keep little boys busy!!

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