Monday, May 25, 2009

Bad to the BoNe!!

So my bike has felt a little neglected since I've been pregnant, let's face it you really don't get near the riding in when you've got little ones Ü

The summer Cory and I first starting dating, we were out on the bikes every night after work and on most sunny weekends. It was before we had our house and we were living with his mom so 'honey do's' were few and far between. That was the year we rode them to Sturgis with my parents, and put miles upon miles on them!

We finally talked James into taking her out for a spin today with Cory for a lunch ride. I must admit, I really do miss riding but I'm so GLAD James took it out to keep her warm for me!! Now we'll have to have him take Laurie and I'll ride with Cory Ü

1 comment:

Younger Family said...

James is a good sport- purple bike with tassels, not to mention the "BIKERB" license plate. Good thing he doesn't have a sissy complex!!

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