Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Two weeks ago, Cory's brother Josh got married. The three of us got in the tahoe for the 1000+ mile (round trip) to Great Falls, MT. We left on a Friday morning and got home late Sunday night. It was such a great, and well needed trip for our family.

For those of you who don't know, Cory's parents were divorced when he was really young. Doug relocated to MT, remarried and had Josh. On Christmas night 1981 Doug was killed in a tragic snowmobile accident and left 3 kids without a father. Shanna, Cory and Josh. Cory was barely 3 and Josh was 6 months old. Cory hasn't had much contact with Josh until last year he came down to visit. They remained in touch through e-mail and Cory went for a visit in the Fall.

Cory hadn't been to see Doug's grave since he was 11 or so until this last fall and it had been just as long for Shanna. I have to admit, seeing Doug's grave was very emotional for me. I can't even begin to understand what it must be like for Cory and Shanna. I felt like I was meeting Doug for the first time, even though I've felt his presence all time and especially with Jayden. It was so surreal to see his name on the stone, to see Jayden's middle (Douglas) name and Casey's (Lake) soon to be there. It also made me feel very blessed to have my father in my life and I realize how often I take him for granted. My heart ached for Cory as we sat there with Doug and I wondered if he'd be proud of the choice Cory made in his wife and the life we have together. Cory and I talked about how life changes and how things might have been if Doug hadn't passed away. Maybe Cory would've ended up in MT and we'd never met, never had Jayden or Casey or found the love we have in each other. I'd like to think we'd still found a way to be together. Regardless, I left the cemetery humbled and thankful for all that I have.

Visiting with Cory's uncles and grandfather, you could feel the love. Doug's presence was strong there as his youngest child was wed. All of the uncles were drawn to Jayden and it was neat to see Josh's family react to Cory. Cory has always been told he's a twin to what Doug looked like right before he past (Cory is just one year older than Doug was when he past away). It almost took people's breath away. Cory was able to talk to those who were with his Dad when the accident happened and hear the story first hand. I feel like it was a bit of closure for him.

Cory's family has always been so welcoming to me and I've felt a connection with all of them from the start. I'm so glad we went, it was time well spent and something my husband needed. We were glad to support Josh and Shannon and their beautiful wedding. As you can see in the pictures, Jayden asked me to 'dance' at the reception. He put his head on my shoulder and we slow danced. It was too cute! Cory's grandpa Bill twirled me around the dance floor in what I think was the two step, not bad for being pregnant in high heels Ü

Sorry for the long post, a lot to say and still didn't even touch half of the weekend!

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Emily said...

I am still so sad we missed out!
looks like a great time!

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