Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I know I'm a little late, but I've grounded myself from blogging until I was done with Math class! Easter was really fun, we started the morning with Cory's family over to our house. We had a yummy brunch and good time visiting with everyone. We missed having Aunt Linda, Papa and Grandma and Amber, but we were thinking of them Ü

Jayden had a hard time understanding why a bunny was coming to our house the week before, but that morning he didn't care who brought him all that fun stuff, he was just glad to have it! Grandma Dee-ny (Diane) spoiled him of course with a fun laundry basket full of toys, candy and more.

We took a nice nap and headed over in the afternoon to Grandma Jo's for a BBQ. Jayden loves being with his cousins and Grandma Jo put together about a million eggs with candies to hide all over their golf course size yard! Jayden and Harrison squealed as they ran to find all the eggs. It kept them busy for at least 4 minutes! It was nice to spend time with my family, we don't do it very often because Pa Harley can only stand a certain amount of time with all his grandkids at his house! He had a somewhat quiet house of 3 girls to raise, so 7 grandboys and 3 grandgirls can be quite a handful!

Overall it was a great day, and truth be told I'm finding myself cherishing these even more with Jayden because they're his last holidays being the 'only' child. Soon enough he'll have to share the attention, gifts and love with little Casey. Hope everyone had a great Easter and thanks for the patience of my late posts!

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Kallie said...

I never did get to my Easter pictures either. Oops. My Dad is the same way when we all get together. Looks like Jayden was plenty spoiled by the Easter Bunny.

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