Wednesday, April 8, 2009

eAsTeR eGgS

Tonight after work, Jayden & I stopped by Laurie's to see them before they went up to Laramie for a couple of days to see James. We picked a great night because they were coloring Easter eggs!

This is actually the first year Jayden has done this (I know..horrible mom!) He had such a great time and did really great! It was a little difficult to explain why we dunk eggs in color and hide them and why is a bunny coming to our house?

It was nice to spend some time with Jayden after an early, hectic morning. It was also nice to visit with Laurie while Harrison and Jayden screamed throughout the house Ü Thanks for letting us crash the party Laurie, we had a good time! Simple things like that are easy to take for granted, I'm glad I took the opportunity to spend some time tonight.

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Younger Family said...

Yes- it was a lot of fun!!

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