Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Sunday after a homemade BBQ rib dinner, I decided it wouldn't hurt to make some yummy cupcakes with Jayden! So, with Jayden's help we made delicious cupcakes for dessert. As you can see, Jayden thought they were pretty tasty!

Here Batter Batter...

Ok - Time to brag!! Jayden has been waiting all winter to try the t-ball set that Grandpa Denny gave him. So, on a warm day a little bit ago we got it out. Serious, this is like his 2nd time swinging...check out our boy!!

So, if you're not impressed with this 3 yr old yet - last night while I was at school Cory text me to say Jayden sang his ABC's all by himself!! I was so proud and SAD that I missed it. So we talked him into an encore performance. I can't believe how big, smart and wonderful he is!

PaRk CiTy..

I realize I'm about 4 weeks late, but in my defense I was waiting for some pictures..(LOL Laurie!)

We went to Park City with my sisters, mom and Aunt Laurie and it was very entertaining to say the least. I found this great deal through the Internet for a condo and let me just say, we got what we paid for! It was creepy, dirty and full of noisy college kids until 4 am (yes, I know I'm old) So after a crucial conversation with the manager we were upgraded to a new condo! See if you can tell the old from the new in the slide show.

We had a fun filled two nights with a lot of laughs, it was so great to spend time with my family. My mom was a trooper with her brace and all. My aunt is still on oxygen at night from being sick earlier. BTW - did you know that oxygen tanks sound like rockets shooting off in the middle of the night??

Then, the morning we're supposed to go home my aunt's brand new Lexus battery died. So, the girls put their sleeves up and did what any women would do...I called my husband! I pushed the Lexus out of the garage while Laurie steered, we almost hit the hood on the garage because we forgot to shut it before pulling out. Then, while we're all huddled around the Tahoe and the Lexus with Cory on the phone, it was like playing the old game 'operation' only a lot funnier!! We were able to get the car started! YEAH TEAM KELLERSTRASS GIRLZ! Nobody gives directions like Cory! He's my HERO!! Ü

Mom - Thanks so much for going, I LOVE spending time with you! You are so fun to be with and make me laugh all the time. I also loved being the one who got back tickles...I'm the one that gives them at my house!
A. Laurie - I'm glad you could be there with us, thanks for trusting us with your Lexus and keeping me entertained with your Rocket Tank!
Laurie - I'm so glad you thought to do this, you're such a family person. Thanks for sharing Brynne & Alison. I can't get over the snuggles Alison gives in the morning, she's addicting! You are so fun to be with, remember the person at Park City Resort who fell off the bench? 'Oopsie, I've got a case of the tipsies!!'
Lisa - I'm glad you came up for the afternoon, I've very proud of you for coming out of your shell!
Kayli - You're such a cute girl and I'm glad you were with us! Thanks for letting me braid your hair!
Brynne - I love you, but seriously you are one STINKY little girl!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Here we go...

So, I'm 20 weeks pregnant and my belly is here! It seems like I'm showing a lot quicker than I did with Jayden. People say that's normal for a second child. I'm feeling good, can feel Casey kick and move. Mostly at night while I'm sitting still. My heartburn is easing up, and I'm starting to get more of an appetite which I'm not so sure is a good thing! Melissa at work talked me into some belly pictures..I'm a little self concious but I guess who isn't? So enjoy the fatness!
Not too bad when I'm sucking in!!!
Seems to 'ball' up a bit more when I'm sitting!

Happy Anniversary!

Happy 4 Year Anniversary to US!!

Yesterday, we celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary! Cory sent me these beautiful flowers
(It's been almost 2 years since my last flower delivery!) He is so romantic when he wants to be, he had cascading lilies put in because I had those in my wedding bouquet.

I left work early so we could go get Cory a suit. He's wanted one for a long time, and we have his brother's wedding next month so we finally splurged! He looked so handsome Ü He got a Calvin Klein black pinstripe with two different shirts.

Then we went to dinner at Olive Garden and picked up Jayden by 7pm. Not a wild late night, but special still the same. I'm so thankful to have such a loving person in my life to share a family with. Cory truly is my best friend, lover and partner. We have our differences, but they somehow balance each of us out. I love our talks at night when we go to bed, and I love to snuggle him to pieces. I drive him crazy by smothering him and putting my feet all over his legs Ü

Cory - I love you so much. Thank you for everything you've brought to my life, everything there is still left to bring and for giving me the two most precious gifts in my life...our sons. I respect everything about you and can't wait to grow old with you.
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