Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Hard Week

Let me apologize up front, because this is sure to be a lengthy post. This has been such a challenging week both physically and emotionally and my part has been the easiest compared to others.
Monday - Jayden wakes up with a fever, severe congestion in his poor little nose & a barky cough. I stayed home from work and spent 3 hours between the pediatrician's office & pharmacy. He had an ear infection and croup. Poor little guy couldn't blow his nose because it was so congested and sore. Steroids for his cough and ammoxocilian for his ear. He wouldn't eat because the croup made his throat sore and that made his belly hurt because it was full of medicine. Start my first night of math class, whoa is me. Find out that Dad fell down the back stairs of their deck with a shovel in his hand. He slipped on ice and basically flew down 6-7 steps. He hurt this tailbone pretty good and one side. And let the week begin...
Tuesday - Mom goes in for her rotator cuff surgery, stressful waiting all day for her to finally go in. Surgery went good and upon her checking out my dad received a call from my aunt that she was downstairs in the emergency room. She had been short of breath and was admitted to have chest x-rays. Since my mom needed to get home and my dad had been at the hospital all day, I headed up to wait with her for results from the doctor in the er. Finally, about 8 pm they came in and confirmed blood clots in her lungs and admitted her to the hospital. She is on blood thinners until they can take care of the clots having found more in her legs as well. A lot of other tests being ran to ensure they cover all the basis. One thing is for sure, if she hadn't gone to the clinic the clots would've been fatal. I headed home about 8:30 pm and Lisa stayed with her until 10:30 pm when she was admitted to her room.
Wednesday - Early morning at work to do a training for managers for the first half of the day. I'm sure there are difficult parts about every job, but standing in front of a heels..and being energetic enough for all of them is consuming. Left after training to take care of some things for my Aunt, took mom lunch and spent the afternoon with her. It's so hard to see my mom in pain...she's always been my rock and it kills me to not be able to help her. After my moms house I picked up Jayden and we got his Valentine's for the next day. I was so tired I napped for about 30 minutes when we got home.
Thursday - Another early morning training, so with Jayden feeling a bit better still tired from mommy's schedule :( Took my lunch up at the hospital to visit with Aunt Laurie. She's seems in good spirits, still just sit and wait. Her blood is not responding yet to the blood thinners and her EKG came back abnormal. Evidently, when your body is deprived of oxygen it can cause damage to your heart. So more tests to come. Left work at 5, still dragging behind picked Jayden up in a good mood with his Valentine's box and goodies. We had a good night, and here I sit to catch you up!

Laurie in the midst of all this, drove in the middle of the night with 3 of her 5 kids to come and help. She's the medical person who knows all the questions to ask and is so nurturing, anything she says... you listen. She is so selfless and incredible...I'm thankful for both of my sisters and how we're able to pull together when in a time of need. Our mother taught us the importance of being there for family no matter what. After checking with my mom today, her pain is high today. Almost all she can do even try to rest during the day, she goes in tomorrow for a check up. I have high hopes for next week and that my mom and aunt are on the way to healing. It's hard to see family suffer. Who knew that I'd ever be looking forward to Friday the 13th.


Jenn said...

I'm sorry. That sounds like a week from hell..Let me know if you need anything. I'd be happy to take Jayden anytime if you need to go help out with family!! Better luck next week!

Kallie said...

I am glad Jayden is feeling better, I hope you stay healthy. Don't catch what he had.

I too would be willing to watch Jayden if you need me to while you help with your Mom or Aunt.

The Green Family said...

Thank you for the offer girls! I'll be sure to take you up on it if we run into a bind.

Jani said...

Wow- Hang in there- Don't think it could get much worse. Hope your mom gets feeling better soon.

shadnmorgan said...

Kim, I am sorry that you had such a stressful week, let me know if I can help in any way! You are such a good person to help everyone... hang in there!!

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