Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Boy oh Boy

The red circle shows the 'magical' parts. This is looking up at his butt cheeks.
Side shot, I can't believe how big the difference is already from the last ultrasound

Here is my son showing me a high five and that it'll be ok Mom

We had our doctor appointment this morning, and it turns out this mother wasn't meant to mother girls. My little Chloe is in fact with 'parts' and so now we will call him 'baby' until we figure out what to name him. First thing first...HE'S 100% healthy, everything looked great and is on track for a due date of Aug. 2ND. There was a lot of kicking and waiving. Cory saw it first and whispered 'Oh Dear', I told him to be quiet because he didn't know what he was looking at. Ann (nurse) repeated 'Oh Dear' and pointed to the magical parts I so desperately didn't want to see.
It was pretty much down hill from there, the tears were non stop. I couldn't even talk to the doctor. I think I traumatized my poor husband - I was so disappointed...now I have mixed feelings. I am so lucky and blessed to have a healthy baby. I feel awful that I ruined the exciting moment for Cory. It's just been my Chloe for so long, we've had her name and called her room 'Chloe's room' since before Jayden was born. This is our last and I was just hoping for one of each.
I will love this little boy as much as I love Jayden and it will be great, today is just hard for me to say good bye to Chloe and put her name in the box with all the other names for parents who didn't get the gender they quite hoped for. It's hard to explain what goes on inside your mind when your expecting and I'm sure it's different for everyone.
When we got home, we sat down and told Jayden.
'Jayden, you're going to have a baby brother.'
'No, but in little while after he's done cooking.' (Laughing at the innocence)
He wanted to eat dinner next to me which is unusual (usually he wants daddy) He gave me lots of hugs and kisses and told me 'Thanks for cooking dinner Mommy' Somehow my little man always knows when I need the extra love...I've decided that I can live with, love and give all I've got to another little man.


Jani said...

Wow it brings back all the memories-I really thought I would get my little girl on the 2nd try too- For heck sake my mom was in heaven and she was just going to send little Karly my way- I was wrong.... 9yrs later I am soooo happy I have two health awesome BOYS!!! They play so good together it's almost like I have alot of free time now- The hamy downs are great too- Took me until about 2 years ago to be okay with no little Karly- I guess I can wish for a grand daughter- I do still feel guilty for feeling sad at first! Good luck Ü

Jones' said...

Kimberli, you are the one that told me how great little boys really are. All your wonderful stories of Jayden are what made me excited to be having a boy. I don't think that its that you are not intended to mother a girl, I think it is because you are such a great mother, you are meant to mother the best of the boys. Sounds like Jayden is going to be a great big brother. This baby couldn't be luckier to be joining your family.

Brandon Camille and Milo said...

Congrats you guys! We are way excited for you. Two boys will be fun. Hey maybe this just means you are suppose to have one more :)

Younger Family said...

In response to a few negative comments you got on sharing your feelings- I think it is great to have a support system that allows you to not only "think" but also to "voice" your feelings and be loved for that and not judged. Hooray for all your friends who accept you for you and want you to know that your family loves you- whether you need a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear, or just someone to love you!! And lets toast to a "smooth" delivery this time with no dropping heart tones at the end!! (Do you hear that baby Robert or Kasey or whoever you are??)

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