Thursday, January 8, 2009

Where have you been??!!

I know, I know!!! More than two weeks since my last post, my apologies :)

Seems like time has flown by after Christmas. We had a great Holiday, let me give you the run down.

Christmas Eve - With all the family fallen ill from the Birthday party (yes, out of 25 people all but about 6 came down with the stomach flu :( I was so embarrassed! It hit everyone about the same time and Cory, Jayden and I came down with a mild version on Christmas Eve. I stayed home from work and we ended up taking it easy the whole evening with just the three of us.

Christmas Day - I got up early to get showered and ready (big surprise I know) Cory relaxed for a bit longer since the flu caught him bad that day. Jayden got up about 8 am and Diane, Denny, Shanna & Chelsea came over to watch him open presents. He was very cute this year and was excited about all of his gifts from Santa. Between his birthday and Christmas he's stocked for the entire year. Cory stayed laying down and Jayden and I took yummy Baked French Toast to Cory's Aunt Linda's for Christmas breakfast. We loved visiting with the family and our cousin Amber was in from Folsom, CA. We came home so Jayden could nap for a bit and then headed to my moms for Christmas dinner. It was hard this year not having Cory with us the entire day, but great to spend time with family. Jayden was his usual rowdy self so needless to say by the end of day I was ready for a nap!

Mom's Christmas Party - The Saturday after Christmas, my parents had a 'Adults' party at their house. Lisa and I shared two sitters at our house with her 4 kids and Jayden. They all seemed to have a good time and even the sitters were out of breath when we got there! We had fun at Mom's, it's been awhile since my family has been together without the little ones and even some Credit Union people came and old family friends.

New Years -'ve never heard of two people who party harder than we do...I picked up a Honey Baked Turkey and we had a quiet dinner with the three of us. After watching Superman, we headed to bed about 10 pm. I woke up to New Years with the neighbors banging pots and pans, fireworks and screaming...I have to say that night's sleep was needed and very much enjoyed!

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