Thursday, January 8, 2009

Upcoming Attractions...July 18th!!

Cory and I (well, maybe me more than Cory ;) are pleased to announce that we are

Yes you read right...we are having another BaBy!!!!

I'm so so excited and am very positive it's a girl (although everyone else disagrees!) here is the down low...

Cory and I started talking about it in late September and he finally decided that I wasn't going to give in. I truly felt like we weren't done with our family, there was someone waiting to be a part of it. These feelings have gotten stronger throughout the last year. Hard to explain, but I felt it almost everyday. So, at dinner one night he said 'Well, if that's what you want I guess we better do it sooner than later so their not so far apart' He didn't have to twist my arm, I made the appointment the next morning! I researched all the 'tricks' for having a girl and made Cory miserable (seriously, how miserable can you really be during the process...;) The Chinese chart says if we conceived in October it would be a my fingers are crossed. If my dates are right, we conceived around the the third week of October. (Sorry if this is TMI) We also decided not to tell anyone to keep it a surprise and just in case it took longer than we wanted.

I know in the end that we want a healthy baby no matter the sex and there is a rhyme and reason for everything. I really just have a feeling that my little Chloe Kay (yes she's been named for a long time) has finally come to join our family. I should know by the end of January, first of February. So if your reading this...cross your fingers for Her!!

The story keeps this whole time since mid November I haven't felt very good and thought it was due to the stomach flu hanging around. I kept telling Cory I felt pregnant and kept taking tests that kept saying negative much to my dismay I thought I had lost my marbles. The signs kept coming and I kept dismissing them because of the tests. However, I tested negative with Jayden until I was 7 1/2 weeks pregnant. So the test I took December 26th finally showed positive!!!

I couldn't get into my Dr. until Jan. 13th so my secret contact snuck me into a private room for an Ultrasound that showed a healthy baby GIRL (I just can't give it up!) waving arms and legs and a fast heartbeat. My heart melted! Cory was actually excited too...she waved at us when we first saw her like ''s real...I'm here!!' Judging by the size of her, I'm about 13 weeks along with a due date of July 18th.

I'll be posting more news as I get it and pictures of the ultrasounds. Needless to say, I'm very excited, nervous, overwhelmed all at the same time!


Jones' said...

I am so happy for you Kimberli!

Kallie said...

Will your doctor be able to tell the sex around the first of Feb? I am so excited for your new addition. Jayden will love having someone to play with.

The Jacobsen's said...

Thank you for posting! And as you know I am sooo EXCITED for you guys. Little Chloe will be so darn cute!

Melissa, Benton, and Roxy said...

Yay!!! Jayden will love being an older brother to Chole! I'm so happy for you and Cory, it's the best news I've heard this year. I'm excited to hear about everything that happens with this pregnancy! I love hearing details, nothing is too much TMI for me!(Which I'm sure you know!)

Brandon Camille and Milo said...

We are so excited for you Guys! Cory will be so cute with a little girl! He was always so much fun with me when he lived with us. So my fingers are crossed for you!

Younger Family said...

What a crybaby- I cried the whole way through your post and I already knew the whole story. I will be looking for a picture to be posted before noon tomorrow!

Emily said...

I don't know what cousin Camille is talking about, Cory was a total tease. JK he was so helpful to always give us little brats rides!
We are so excited for you, I hope you get your girl! But like I said before, two is so much fun!
Keep us updated, can't wait to hear.

Nyree said...

Exciting! I can see how you would want a girl- having one of each! And girls are just awesome! I may be a little biast though. Congratulations and keep us posted

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