Saturday, January 31, 2009


The famous onion choo choo train
Whoa, hunka hunka burnin flame!

Jayden's a little possessive of the baby

Fun Family Dinner

On Thursday night we went with my parents, Laurie, Harrison, Brynne & Alison. I had been craving their yummy shrimp & steak.

Jayden actually sat through most of dinner and liked the big fire they start with. Baby Alison didn't like it so much, poor thing started crying :( At the end of dinner, I got some cash to tip the cook (he wasn't the best, but it's still polite) So, my mom whispered to me 'What are you doing' I told her I was tipping him and I gave him $5. She reached in her pocket and all she had was a $10 bill so she gave it to him!!! You should've seen the look on the waiter's face, then my DAD'S!!! It was so funny!
I told her, that she probably just gave him the best confidence boost of the night! Thanks for going everyone, I had a great time!

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