Sunday, January 25, 2009

sPaRe TiMe!!!

Shootin Hoops
Happy Family Ü

Grandma STRIKE'n it HOT!

Semi - Pro!

Jayden's first time up
Today we decided to spend some family time together so we drug Grandma Diane to the Roy bowling center to show us what she's got. Apparently, she's got a lot because she beat ALL of us! Mrs. Use to be on a league ;)
Jayden loved it and I had Cory right on my heels the entire game. It came down to the last frame and I only needed one more pin to bet him...I MISSED!! :( So, my hubby has bragging rights at least for now, Cory -101 Kim-100 Grandma - 128 Jayden - 47
We had a good time, yummy pizza and a good memories all on a snowy Sunday afternoon!


Melissa, Benton, and Roxy said...

That sounds really fun! I love bowling, but I'm not quite as good as any of you! I bet Jayden loved it!

Younger Family said...

Sounds like fun! Even though Cory beat you- I always consider it a successful game to break 100- so it was still good!

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