Monday, January 19, 2009

Just another FUN Monday!!!

The credit was closed today so of course we packed it full of fun!

I began the morning by taking care of some school work and accidentally treating myself to a pedicure (NICE!!) It was so relaxing, complete with paraffin dip, massage and scrubbing! Don't you wish your toes were HOT like mine??!!! My sisters ALWAYS tell me they wish their toes were just like mine ;)

Then I picked up Jayden from pre-school and we took Grandma Jo to the Treehouse in Ogden for a while. It took Jayden some time to warm up, there were ALOT of kids there. But he finally eased into playing with some of the toys. We stayed for about an hour and he got to drive a fire truck, paint the walls, play with big blocks and play dress up. When we went to leave Jayden told me 'Can we go Ice Cream shop mommy?' I said 'There are no Ice Cream shops' Jayden then tells me with a heavy sigh 'You could ASK for a ice cream shop mommy!!' So after I won that argument we went home had some spaghettios and now he is currently napping away!


Younger Family said...

No one ever accused you of being a shrinking violet- I would never post a picture of my toes!!

szumitacrew said...

yeah, I don't recall ever telling you that! LOL
I have to agree with Laurie you brave girl! (posting your toes)
Nice color though :)

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