Wednesday, January 14, 2009

GOoD JoB...Mommy!

Ok, confession time...

Since I've been pregnant I have my nights where I'm extremely tired (if you ask Cory that's every night) My usual rule is that dishes are done every night and Jayden's toys are picked up too.

The last few nights I have been so tired that my basement is a disaster area...a million puzzle pieces, blocks, trucks oh my! I told Cory I've had nightmares of puzzle pieces crawling up the stairs slapping me in the face! So tonight, I felt like I had energy so I started cleaning up the puzzle and everything else.

Jayden came downstairs and said 'Mommy, put puzzle gether' so being the obedient mother I am I put the puzzle together. When I was done, Jayden came back and rubbed my back, tilted his head to the side and said with delight 'Good Job Mommy, Good Job!'

So glad to know we've raised a supportive child!


Jenn said...

He is such a little ham...I'm sorry your so tired. I wish I could say it get's better. I'm still tired and I am no longer pregnant. :)

Younger Family said...

Good thing you still know how to put puzzles together- when you have this second child and more of your brain cells have been sucked out of your head- we'll see how you do then!! After five, I realize I have very few brain cells left!

Marietti Family said...

Hey Kim,
I didn't know you were pregnant. Congrats. And a girl. Do you know what you're in for? Lots and lots of drama. I meant to comment on your blog a few weeks ago but got distracted and never got back on. It's good to hear things are going good. Keep in touch!!!

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