Wednesday, January 14, 2009

First Dr. Appointment

The picture at up top shows Chloe (yes I know) from a side profile and her face is looking towards the left of the screen. You should be able to see her eye socket and little jaw and then cute little body to follow!

Everything was good, I had an entire physical exam (not the funnest) and when he first tried to find a heartbeat with the Doppler thing (not ultrasound) he couldn't find it which gave me small heart attack, but he finally did! Cory kept asking are you sure there's just one?? Dr. Hurst promised Cory there was just one heart beat!

We headed into the ultrasound room and got to see Chloe. She was bouncing all over like a little jumping bean. The nurse said it was probably the hiccups, I told her it was because I was starving! Everything looked good, but the baby is measuring about two weeks smaller than we thought. Which would make me 11 weeks not 13 and they changed my due date to August 5th...which makes me a little nervous because that would mean we conceived in November, not October. So, my fingers are crossed that our GIRL is cooking. I told Dr. Hurst it was very important that we have a girl because this was probably our his response was 'Well, if it's a boy we could always cut off his parts!'

So we're doing good so far, I haven't really been sick just hungry all the time. I'm either starving or so full it hurts and if I remember right this only gets worse! My pants are starting to get tight and by the end of the day my buttons are undone. As far as the scary scale I'm still about 3 lbs under what I was when I started so I'll hold onto that while I can ;)

I'll give more updates as they come! And YES I will try to figure out the dumb picture thing :(

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