Saturday, January 31, 2009

CiRcUs Time

We went with Laurie and her kids, my Aunt Laurie, Jayden and I to the Jordan World Circus at the Weber County Fairgrounds last night. I had never been to a circus before and was excited to take Jayden. I'm happy to announce that it took us 3 years to find something that he would hold still at and ladies & gentlemen...HE WATCHED THE WHOLE THING!!! Yes, 3 hours long and my child was mesmerized! It was great!

He got to ride his first pony, which was so cute. He kept saying 'Horsy soft mommy' while he pet it's mane. Him and Harrison were not very happy to have to get off the horse! I voted not to go on the elephant ride. They didn't look very happy and I've heard stories of elephants freakin out with kids on them (I'm a dork, I know)

We got to see lions, tigers and bears...oh my! They did neat acrobatics and dirt bikes in a scary little metal ball. I had a great time with Jayden and my sister. I'm so glad we went, it's not very often I get do fun stuff with Jayden since I work full time so I'll take advantage of every chance I get!


Celeste said...

What a fun time! I loved the circus when I was younger. Although one time we got quite a fright when the guy in the scary metal ball was scary drunk. Seriously! He fell off the bike in the scary metal ball and was stumbling around. I'm so bummed I didn't get to see you while I was there! Next time though you'll have two kids for me to meet! I can't wait!!

Kallie said...

I am so glad you posted this. I was telling Bryce I wanted to take the kids to this next weekend. It is at the Davis County fairgrounds next weekend. I take it that it was worth your money then? I have never been to one either.

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