Saturday, January 31, 2009

CiRcUs Time

We went with Laurie and her kids, my Aunt Laurie, Jayden and I to the Jordan World Circus at the Weber County Fairgrounds last night. I had never been to a circus before and was excited to take Jayden. I'm happy to announce that it took us 3 years to find something that he would hold still at and ladies & gentlemen...HE WATCHED THE WHOLE THING!!! Yes, 3 hours long and my child was mesmerized! It was great!

He got to ride his first pony, which was so cute. He kept saying 'Horsy soft mommy' while he pet it's mane. Him and Harrison were not very happy to have to get off the horse! I voted not to go on the elephant ride. They didn't look very happy and I've heard stories of elephants freakin out with kids on them (I'm a dork, I know)

We got to see lions, tigers and bears...oh my! They did neat acrobatics and dirt bikes in a scary little metal ball. I had a great time with Jayden and my sister. I'm so glad we went, it's not very often I get do fun stuff with Jayden since I work full time so I'll take advantage of every chance I get!


The famous onion choo choo train
Whoa, hunka hunka burnin flame!

Jayden's a little possessive of the baby

Fun Family Dinner

On Thursday night we went with my parents, Laurie, Harrison, Brynne & Alison. I had been craving their yummy shrimp & steak.

Jayden actually sat through most of dinner and liked the big fire they start with. Baby Alison didn't like it so much, poor thing started crying :( At the end of dinner, I got some cash to tip the cook (he wasn't the best, but it's still polite) So, my mom whispered to me 'What are you doing' I told her I was tipping him and I gave him $5. She reached in her pocket and all she had was a $10 bill so she gave it to him!!! You should've seen the look on the waiter's face, then my DAD'S!!! It was so funny!
I told her, that she probably just gave him the best confidence boost of the night! Thanks for going everyone, I had a great time!


Last weekend after we cut Jayden's hair, we decided to let him take his first jacuzzi bubble bath in our bathroom, as you can see by all the bubbles, it was a definite good time! Daddy joined Jayden for a bath too, but I decided to keep those pictures to myself....your welcome Cory :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

bUsT a MoVe!!!

The other night while cooking dinner, Jayden told me he wanted to listen to music and we put on his favorite song 'I kissed a girl' Katy Perry. You can't hear anything but me cheering him on, but nontheless....ENJOY!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

sPaRe TiMe!!!

Shootin Hoops
Happy Family Ü

Grandma STRIKE'n it HOT!

Semi - Pro!

Jayden's first time up
Today we decided to spend some family time together so we drug Grandma Diane to the Roy bowling center to show us what she's got. Apparently, she's got a lot because she beat ALL of us! Mrs. Use to be on a league ;)
Jayden loved it and I had Cory right on my heels the entire game. It came down to the last frame and I only needed one more pin to bet him...I MISSED!! :( So, my hubby has bragging rights at least for now, Cory -101 Kim-100 Grandma - 128 Jayden - 47
We had a good time, yummy pizza and a good memories all on a snowy Sunday afternoon!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Girls Night Out

Friday night I went with my mom to the Davis Chamber of Commerce Awards night at the Davis Conference Center. It was fun to get dressed up and go out with my mom. When we got there, women were wearing anything from pants suites to half a cocktail dress (Whoa!)

They had drinks (no wine for me this time!) and some wierd hors d'oeuvres. Big shrimp in a tiny shot glass with what looked like sauce but people were drinking out of it. Then some asparagus wrapped in ham. So, needless to say I didn't eat any of that. The dinner was really good though with crusted chicken breast over alfredo noodles and yummy rolls.

They announced awards to business people in Davis county, we sat at a table with other AFCU people. It was a fun night...thanks mom!

Just another FUN Monday!!!

The credit was closed today so of course we packed it full of fun!

I began the morning by taking care of some school work and accidentally treating myself to a pedicure (NICE!!) It was so relaxing, complete with paraffin dip, massage and scrubbing! Don't you wish your toes were HOT like mine??!!! My sisters ALWAYS tell me they wish their toes were just like mine ;)

Then I picked up Jayden from pre-school and we took Grandma Jo to the Treehouse in Ogden for a while. It took Jayden some time to warm up, there were ALOT of kids there. But he finally eased into playing with some of the toys. We stayed for about an hour and he got to drive a fire truck, paint the walls, play with big blocks and play dress up. When we went to leave Jayden told me 'Can we go Ice Cream shop mommy?' I said 'There are no Ice Cream shops' Jayden then tells me with a heavy sigh 'You could ASK for a ice cream shop mommy!!' So after I won that argument we went home had some spaghettios and now he is currently napping away!

Gray Cliff Lodge

Hi Mommy!!
Whoa! It's cold out here!!

Getting ready to see the 'wonderful coat closet'

Sunday morning Jayden and I were supposed to join Diane (Cory's mom), Denny & Chelsea for brunch up Ogden canyon at Gray Cliff Lodge. Cory surprised us and came home early from work and went with us.

It was a really fun place, it kind of reminded me of my Grandma Lila's house. The lady there was funny, she told us 'Please, take a look at our wonderful coat closet while I get your seats.' Well the lovely coat closet was just like a grandma's with boxes and all! We got to sit right by the real fire which was nice and cozy, but I smelled like a campfire for the rest of the day.
They had a yummy buffet and Jayden ate more than his fair share of fruit and then Grandpa Denny showed him the river afterward. All and all it was a great Sunday!

He still loves me!

Cory had to work Sunday morning and when I got up to shower, this was waiting for me on the bathroom counter! My husband pretends to be a grumpy old man but every now and then, my romantic sweetie shines through when he thinks no one is watching. (Thank goodness for the power of BLOG!! ;)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

GOoD JoB...Mommy!

Ok, confession time...

Since I've been pregnant I have my nights where I'm extremely tired (if you ask Cory that's every night) My usual rule is that dishes are done every night and Jayden's toys are picked up too.

The last few nights I have been so tired that my basement is a disaster area...a million puzzle pieces, blocks, trucks oh my! I told Cory I've had nightmares of puzzle pieces crawling up the stairs slapping me in the face! So tonight, I felt like I had energy so I started cleaning up the puzzle and everything else.

Jayden came downstairs and said 'Mommy, put puzzle gether' so being the obedient mother I am I put the puzzle together. When I was done, Jayden came back and rubbed my back, tilted his head to the side and said with delight 'Good Job Mommy, Good Job!'

So glad to know we've raised a supportive child!

First Dr. Appointment

The picture at up top shows Chloe (yes I know) from a side profile and her face is looking towards the left of the screen. You should be able to see her eye socket and little jaw and then cute little body to follow!

Everything was good, I had an entire physical exam (not the funnest) and when he first tried to find a heartbeat with the Doppler thing (not ultrasound) he couldn't find it which gave me small heart attack, but he finally did! Cory kept asking are you sure there's just one?? Dr. Hurst promised Cory there was just one heart beat!

We headed into the ultrasound room and got to see Chloe. She was bouncing all over like a little jumping bean. The nurse said it was probably the hiccups, I told her it was because I was starving! Everything looked good, but the baby is measuring about two weeks smaller than we thought. Which would make me 11 weeks not 13 and they changed my due date to August 5th...which makes me a little nervous because that would mean we conceived in November, not October. So, my fingers are crossed that our GIRL is cooking. I told Dr. Hurst it was very important that we have a girl because this was probably our his response was 'Well, if it's a boy we could always cut off his parts!'

So we're doing good so far, I haven't really been sick just hungry all the time. I'm either starving or so full it hurts and if I remember right this only gets worse! My pants are starting to get tight and by the end of the day my buttons are undone. As far as the scary scale I'm still about 3 lbs under what I was when I started so I'll hold onto that while I can ;)

I'll give more updates as they come! And YES I will try to figure out the dumb picture thing :(

Monday, January 12, 2009


So, Sunday Cory is downstairs in the basement and says 'Can you smell that? It smells like S*#$!' Well most of you know how he feels about my dogs so I just shrugged it off because I couldn't smell anything at the time. So, he continues to smell around and opens the utility room and all he says is 'Oh my God!' The stench was awful and I thought for sure by the blood on the floor that something large had, our deep freezer had gone kaput! All of our meat, steaks, roasts and extra groceries were ruined! There was so much meat that the blood from it leaked onto the floor...the smell was awful. It had to have been at least a week with that rotting meat in there. The picture is after Cory cleaned most of it up, the worst of it was as soon as he opened the door it fumigated the entire basement :( We estimated about $400 worth of food in the garbage can. Needless to say, if you have freezers for storage, make a weekly habit of checking in ;)

Bosom Bomber

Over the weekend Cory decided to show Jayden how to make a paper airplanes. The unique part of Cory's airplane is that it is made out of my Victoria Secret magazine cover. As he's folding the pieces, he tells Jayden..

'Jayden, this is our Bosom Bomber'
Oh of all the things to come with my two favorite boys!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Upcoming Attractions...July 18th!!

Cory and I (well, maybe me more than Cory ;) are pleased to announce that we are

Yes you read right...we are having another BaBy!!!!

I'm so so excited and am very positive it's a girl (although everyone else disagrees!) here is the down low...

Cory and I started talking about it in late September and he finally decided that I wasn't going to give in. I truly felt like we weren't done with our family, there was someone waiting to be a part of it. These feelings have gotten stronger throughout the last year. Hard to explain, but I felt it almost everyday. So, at dinner one night he said 'Well, if that's what you want I guess we better do it sooner than later so their not so far apart' He didn't have to twist my arm, I made the appointment the next morning! I researched all the 'tricks' for having a girl and made Cory miserable (seriously, how miserable can you really be during the process...;) The Chinese chart says if we conceived in October it would be a my fingers are crossed. If my dates are right, we conceived around the the third week of October. (Sorry if this is TMI) We also decided not to tell anyone to keep it a surprise and just in case it took longer than we wanted.

I know in the end that we want a healthy baby no matter the sex and there is a rhyme and reason for everything. I really just have a feeling that my little Chloe Kay (yes she's been named for a long time) has finally come to join our family. I should know by the end of January, first of February. So if your reading this...cross your fingers for Her!!

The story keeps this whole time since mid November I haven't felt very good and thought it was due to the stomach flu hanging around. I kept telling Cory I felt pregnant and kept taking tests that kept saying negative much to my dismay I thought I had lost my marbles. The signs kept coming and I kept dismissing them because of the tests. However, I tested negative with Jayden until I was 7 1/2 weeks pregnant. So the test I took December 26th finally showed positive!!!

I couldn't get into my Dr. until Jan. 13th so my secret contact snuck me into a private room for an Ultrasound that showed a healthy baby GIRL (I just can't give it up!) waving arms and legs and a fast heartbeat. My heart melted! Cory was actually excited too...she waved at us when we first saw her like ''s real...I'm here!!' Judging by the size of her, I'm about 13 weeks along with a due date of July 18th.

I'll be posting more news as I get it and pictures of the ultrasounds. Needless to say, I'm very excited, nervous, overwhelmed all at the same time!

Where have you been??!!

I know, I know!!! More than two weeks since my last post, my apologies :)

Seems like time has flown by after Christmas. We had a great Holiday, let me give you the run down.

Christmas Eve - With all the family fallen ill from the Birthday party (yes, out of 25 people all but about 6 came down with the stomach flu :( I was so embarrassed! It hit everyone about the same time and Cory, Jayden and I came down with a mild version on Christmas Eve. I stayed home from work and we ended up taking it easy the whole evening with just the three of us.

Christmas Day - I got up early to get showered and ready (big surprise I know) Cory relaxed for a bit longer since the flu caught him bad that day. Jayden got up about 8 am and Diane, Denny, Shanna & Chelsea came over to watch him open presents. He was very cute this year and was excited about all of his gifts from Santa. Between his birthday and Christmas he's stocked for the entire year. Cory stayed laying down and Jayden and I took yummy Baked French Toast to Cory's Aunt Linda's for Christmas breakfast. We loved visiting with the family and our cousin Amber was in from Folsom, CA. We came home so Jayden could nap for a bit and then headed to my moms for Christmas dinner. It was hard this year not having Cory with us the entire day, but great to spend time with family. Jayden was his usual rowdy self so needless to say by the end of day I was ready for a nap!

Mom's Christmas Party - The Saturday after Christmas, my parents had a 'Adults' party at their house. Lisa and I shared two sitters at our house with her 4 kids and Jayden. They all seemed to have a good time and even the sitters were out of breath when we got there! We had fun at Mom's, it's been awhile since my family has been together without the little ones and even some Credit Union people came and old family friends.

New Years -'ve never heard of two people who party harder than we do...I picked up a Honey Baked Turkey and we had a quiet dinner with the three of us. After watching Superman, we headed to bed about 10 pm. I woke up to New Years with the neighbors banging pots and pans, fireworks and screaming...I have to say that night's sleep was needed and very much enjoyed!
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