Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day Twelve

On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me....an elliptical with a 12 month warranty!!!

I have been asking for an elliptical since I had Casey, I so want to start working on my baby body to get ready for boat season this year...I'm SOOO excited!

I will post a picture as soon as he gets it put together.

Day Eleven

On the eleventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me....11 body parts nice and warm.

He gave me a cute set of scarf and gloves...I have the actual poem at home so I will post it later.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

HaPpY BiRtHdAy Boys!

Jayden and Grandpa Denny trying out the new NERF guns!
Cory and his new work boots

Reading Jayden the card & modeling the new Carhart bib overalls I got for Cory!

We celebrated Cory & Jayden's birthday on Sunday with the whole family, it was great as always and they both got spoiled!! It was fun to get the family together, and we are so lucky to have such a loving family. Today, I left work early and we took Jayden bowling and had some lunch at Davis lanes. Cory beat my butt and Jayden wasn't too far behind!
Jayden ~ I can't believe how big you are! It seems like yesterday we brought you home from the hospital. You are the smartest, most clever, energetic, loving, cuddly and handsome little boy I know. I'm so proud to be your mother! Happy Birthday Jade!
Cory ~ I love you so much, you truly are my knight in shining armor. I'm reminded of how lucky I am not only during your birthday, 12 days of Christmas and any other holiday..but everyday I wake up to your handsome face and go to sleep in your strong arms. My life would never be the same without you by my side. I respect, admire, cherish and love you to the very depths I ever thought possible. Thank you for being mine.

Day Nine

On the ninth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...a symbol of love's eternity!
**Ok, this is MY FAVORITE day so far!! HEELLLLOOOOO DIAMOND RING! I love the 'Love's Embrace' collection for Kay Jewelry, and Cory surprised me with the ring! **Every Kiss begins with Kim!!**

Day Eight

On the eighth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...just a Mom & Dad movie!
**This show was hilarious! We had a fun 'date night' after the kids went to bed!**

Day Seven

On the seventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me..6 scents and a scrubb-Y!

Day Six

On the sixth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me....6 cheeks covered, at least partially!

**Three pair of boy cut thongs....Cory's creativity is really shining through!**

Friday, December 18, 2009

Day Five

On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...five VS lip glosses to keep my sexy lips shin-ee!

Day Four

On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me..four hand sanitizers to keep me safe and clean!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Day Three

'On the third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...three lotions to rub all over my SEXY!!

**Hubba Hubba!!**

Day Two

On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...flowers for all my friends to see!

**These were delivered Tuesday morning to my office...he is also writing all of his own poems to go with the presents...Seriously, I've hit the jackpot of husbands...pure GOLD!!!

Day One

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me....a bra to hold up my boobies Ü

My 12 Days of Christmas!!

I woke up to a present on my pillow on Monday morning, inside the box was a fun note telling me my 'Santa Cory' was giving me the 12 days of Christmas this year! What a romantic, wonderful, creative, sexy husband I have!!! Stay tuned for an update each day of what comes next, I know I can't wait!!!

Sold for $50!!

I purchased these boots from Kohl's about three weeks ago for $25.00

I wore them yesterday to work, and a girl there liked them so much she bought them!!

She offered me $40 and I didn't think she was serious, I mean who buys shoes right off someones feet, right?!

So she said, 'I'll give you $50 to give me the boots right now'

So I said, 'SOLD!'

I wore her tennis shoes home and she took my boots home Ü Being the avid shopper that I am, here are the boots I ordered online last night to replace them!

Jayden's Christmas Performance

Jayden's school put on a production for the parents on Monday night. The pre-3/pre-4 class sang two songs to open the night.
Jayden hadn't really talked about singing or acting excited, so we weren't sure how he'd do. When we got there, we took him to a classroom where they were playing a movie to 'entertain' the kids. You wouldn't believe how many people were there! The whole auditorium was full! When they brought the kids out, Jayden's face went pale! He didn't sing he just sat there and looked at everyone.
He was less than pleased with us on the ride home, he asked: "Mom, who were all those people lookin at me?!"
I guess he takes after his father's stage fright...I mean we all know what a performer his mother is right!!
Oh well, he looked so cute up there anyways...panic attack and all!
The 'star' was shakin up a bit!
Casey was bright eyed and loving all the action Ü

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Liquid Heaven

Starbucks Caramel Brulee Latte...

It's a cold winter afternoon, with a breeze that chills you to your bones. The coat that normally brings you reprieve from the cold just isn't fulfilling the job today.

Now, imagine enjoying a Werther's Original caramel candy...only in a sultry, satisfying, gooie goodness that warms you up and melts in your mouth (not in your hands)

Get up from your computer and go buy one RIGHT NOW.

Friday, November 27, 2009


My little 'turkey' had a long day! (Ok, both of them did but only Casey was napping!)
Watching Football

Kid Table (Notice how thrilled Ethan was I took his picture!)

My First Thanksgiving setting

My mom doing weird things to the Turkey
(She was giving me cooking lessons)

My little Indian
This year we decided to have my family over to my house for Thanksgiving. This is the first year I've ever hosted and let me tell you...WHEW! It's tiring Ü Even with my mom and sisters helping with dishes, by the time the house was clean, set up was done and making sure everything was cooked in the right order..oh my goodness!
Before I said anything else...Mom, I'm so grateful for all the Thanksgivings you have hosted and you never complain. You are always so happy to feed everyone, even when you're working so hard you work up a sweat there is always a smile on your face. I'm so lucky to have you here to teach me. Grandma must be so proud she raised her daughter to be such a wonderful MOTHER. I love you.
Everything went pretty well, my potatoes were a little too thick and I put too much vanilla in the heavy whipping cream. (Don't worry, Laurie got a good laugh at me like always Ü)
The kids were all hyper as usual, but seemed to have a lot to keep them occupied. You know the family is getting old when the past time after dinner is taking all the guy's blood pressure, the results are Cory wouldn't participate, Jason has the highest, my Dad's is on the mend and James is so laid back he barely has a heart beat!
By the end of the night, I was BEAT! Casey didn't like all the commotion with the kids so he really wouldn't take his bottle. Which resulted in a LONG night of screaming baby...my legs hurt so bad from taking the stairs 100 times yesterday, it was all I could do to rock him.
All in all, it was a great day. Here are some things I'm grateful for.
*My wonderful Husband, who from day one has taken my breath away. He is so supportive with my schooling, busy work schedule and all my crazy antics. At the end of the day, he truly is my Best Friend and there hasn't been one day go by for the last almost 6 years we haven't talked to each other.
*My boys, they amaze everyday as they grow and learn. I never knew I could love two little kids as much as I love these two. I'm so grateful that I was given the opportunity to love them, guide them and learn from them.
*My sisters, Mom and Dad. They are so fun to be with, so supportive and there is no way I would be where I'm at today without them.
*Friends, it is so comforting to know that I have such great friends. I have friends that even though I don't see them everyday, they are always there. Life has a funny way of weeding out the true friends from the rest. I'm grateful for everyone who has crossed my path, for a minute, a while or a lifetime.
*For my Heavenly Father who knows me and is always with me. That I feel the spirit guiding me and loving me unconditionally.
*There are so many other things I'm sure I haven't mentioned. With little sleep and a headache to match, doesn't make a great mind set to blog.
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 20, 2009

First Friend Birthday PaRtY!

The one on the far right is Lucinda

Can you see Jayden in this picture...keep the eyes on the prize!

Patiently waiting...
Jayden's classmate Lucinda celebrated her 4th Birthday today after school, it was Jayden's first friend party. We went to McDonald's for lunch, presents and cupcakes! He had so much fun, and Lucinda kept chasing him around yelling 'Jayden, wait for me!' What a little heartbreaker Ü
I sat in McDonald's watching all the families thinking to myself...there are three types of McDonald moms
1-Those who bring their first child at 1 year old who really can't play but they are anxious for the time when they can. They sit in the high chair and mush fries in their mouth
2-Those who bring older kids to entertain for 30 minutes so they can sit
3-Those who have multiple children and are so tired don't hear their kids screaming at the top of the slide because their sibiling just punched them in the arm. They are the zombie moms!
I decided I'm at level 2...and a little scared of when I reach level 3~

NeW mOoN

Jenn got us tickets to a PRE-showing of New Moon! It was so much fun Ü I won't give details for those who haven't read the book or have seen the show yet. I thought it was better than Twilight, not quite the best acting I've seen.

My favorite actor was Jacob (Taylor), I thought by far he did the best. BTW- don't you think Cory's cousin Marcus looks like him? (Um- I didn't tell him I was going to post this picture...hope he doesn't get upset! Ü)

I've decided I like Edward more in the book (Sorry, Jenn I really don't think Rob Patterson is good looking) and I like Jacob in the movie. He did a really good job and I thought the special effects with the wolves was EXCELLENT!

It was a great GNO...thanks LaDiEs!!

Do YoU MaTcH??

What is your preference?
Cory and I have had the discussion before that I spend a lot of time and effort on my clothes, but not really on my lingerie.
I'm NOT a matching bra and panty girl...I really never have been. I'm not sure why, I like the VS magazine and think the sets are really SEXY! I guess I just never take the time.
I'm sure my husband would really appreciate it if I did, let's face it...matching is sexy!
Please participate in the survey, I want to know
Do YoU mAtCh?
*Post a comment when you vote, there will be another prize drawing Ü*

We have a wInNeR!!

As you know, I posted a survey a couple of weeks ago asking for your vote on a unique pair of shoes

In order to get more votes, I offered a chance to win a wonderful FoOt SpA and Scentsy bar. So, we ended up with 13 votes...9 for NO and 4 for Yes! Well, after a random drawing use Excel...drum roll please...


It took me a little while to get her prize to her, but after MUCH anticipation...here she goes!

Thanks for being a good sport Lance!

Monday, November 16, 2009

mY mEn...

Story time, doesn't Casey look enthused?!
Sweetest Thing

I lOvE this BoY!!

ChUcK E. cHeEsE

No Potter Harry (Get It?!)
Momma and Lil' J
E-Walk & H-Son
H-Dog & J. Crew
Since last weekend Cory was sick, poor Jayden had to stay home with us all weekend long. Usually that wouldn't be so bad, but with Dad out sick there was no wrestlin, no working on trucks and no fun outside with Daddy.
To help him work out some severe cabin fever, Monday night I took Jayden, Harrison, and Ethan to Chuck E. Cheese for pizza. They had a good time and drove me crazy of course. Ethan was a good helper, besides teaching Jayden to call things FAT! They saw a horse and Ethan says 'Jayden, say FAT HORSIE'
So of course he complies, and then continues to call everything else fat. So, a BIG FAT thanks to Ethan for the wonderful speech lesson!
*I was feeling a bit creative with my picture captions...like them? Ü

My LaDies...

I forgot to post the pictures I got from our lunch last weekend...I'm always too embarrased to ask the waiter/waitress to take our picture, so I was fast and snuck my camera out for some pictures...as you can see, my mother and sisters much approve Ü

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tragic moments, time stood still and I am grateful

This weekend had so many ups and downs, mostly downs. I am still trying to wrap my head around it. It started off great, I had lunch with my mom and sisters on Friday. Laurie and I went and saw 'The Box' with Cameron Diaz. (Two thumbs down BTW)

Cory and I were supposed to go out that night, but he came down with a fever and sinus infection. It seems like any time we get sick at our house, I get the sniffles and Cory gets the full force of it all.

This is where it started going south.

Saturday was a long day, Jayden was restless staying home all day with Daddy sick and unable to play. Cory's fever had come and gone without any real improvement, so I sent him to the doctor at about 3:30 pm. Jayden was napping and Casey had just gotten up to get a bottle.

Jayden came down stairs crying and said "Mommy, someone in my room and they yelled 'HEY' at me. It scared me and I have accident!"

He had wet his pants, and thinking it was just a nightmare I told him to go get some underwear. He hugged me and said "I don't want to go upstairs" I went with him and we got him some underwear. As I was dressing him, I looked out his window to see Sheriff's and Ambulances in the cul-de-sac. I raced outside with Jayden in my arms and right next door a teenager was walking towards me. He was pale white, trembling and said 'They ran over Gracie'.

Time stood still.

I turned around to see people surrounding the street, no one daring to come close. By that time they had the road blocked off, I later found out they were clearing it for Life Flight. I did my best to comfort the young man, he almost passed out and said he was going to be sick. I stayed with him until he went back into the back yard. I went to check on Casey and called Cory for him to come home. The tears were starting, fear for the family who had always been so nice to us. I was grasping onto Jayden and he was scared.

I won't share all of the details for the sake of the family. Little Gracie couldn't be resuscitated. She passed away in her back yard...15 feet away from my house, 15 feet away from my boys, with her parents holding her hands. It was the most tragic moment I'd ever witnessed. I was in their driveway when they pronounced her gone. I ran inside to Cory, he was holding Jayden. I was sobbing as I held my family. I cried as I hugged Jayden tightly and felt so helpless for my nieghbor, that she'll never get to embrace her youngest daughter again on this earth. My heart aches for the parents. I watched out the window holding Casey, while the husband embraced his wife. I met her eyes and hope I will never know the pain that was running through her body.

I kept walking outside to check with the family and bishop. As the night went on, the cars started to fade. I couldn't sleep that night, I kept thinking of the mother and how her world will never be the same. For the driver of the truck who will never awake from this nightmare and for the 4 little girls who are wondering why their baby sister is gone. So close to my home, so unreal.

Cory and I spent a little extra time with each other that night and telling each other how grateful we are for one another and our boys. I told Cory, I could never imagine coming home without my boys.

We took them dinner this afternoon, and what a strong spirit I felt there today. I spent some time with the parents and they said they felt at peace. The mom said how grateful she was to spend the last moments of Gracie's life with her. That Heavenly Father knew she would need that as a mother. She held me tight and cried as she whispered in my ear 'Go home and hug those sweet boys'.

I sit here tonight so grateful for my life. I see tragedy around me and wonder what I did to deserve the life I have? Am I worthy enough for it and will someone find that I'm not and take it away.

Jayden was still a bit scared that night, we figured he heard the parents yelling as they found her. He told me 'Mommy, I'm sad that girl got hurt.' I told him I was sad too, but that I was sure wherever she was, that her mommy and daddy were loving her just like we loved him. I laid for an extra minute that night hugging Jayden. It's as if he knew what I needed, wrapped his skinny arms around my neck, kissed me and whispered 'I love you mommy'.

As I snuggled with Casey after that, he offered me a smile. How sweet their little spirits are and how tender the time we share with them. My heart goes out to the family and to Grace. It is quite clear she was needed home to be with her Heavenly Father.

As you read this, take a minute to tell your spouse, kids and family what they mean to you. As you go to bed tonight, please say a prayer for the Hill family. Keep them in your thoughts, that they keep that peacefulness they so strongly need to get through this tragic moment in their lives.

For the parents who raised me with love, my mother and my sisters who are the strongest women I know and my safe haven's, my husband, Cory, who is my...who is my everything.

For the two special spirits that know me as Mom, sleeping upstairs right now..I am grateful.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Headless Horseman at Trunk-Or-Treat
Harrison (BumbleBee Transformer) Jayden (Ninja)

Jayden getting a little side tracked people watching..what can I say, he takes after me!

Cute, oh I mean MEAN NINJA!!

Me and the boys.
It was another successful Halloween! We celebrated by going to Lauries Trunk or Treat, eating Chili at her house with all the family (My mom makes the BEST Turkey Chili!) After that we headed to Cory's mom's house. She also made chili, Cory sat with Mr. Turtle (Aka..Casey) While Jayden and I made the rounds to all the houses. Jayden actually did really great this year, he was set with his coat and gloves and didn't complain at all. At the last house he said 'Mom, my legs hurt' so he got home via piggy back on mom's back Ü We visited with grandma for a bit and Jayden had a blast handing out piles of her candy. (Pretty sure all the kids loved Jayden, he'd give each kid two handfuls!)
After a nice extra hour on Sunday, I went to Kohl's and Bed Bath & Beyond with my mom. We got some great deals and I got a beautiful plate setting for 8. Thanksgiving is at my house this year for the first time, it was about time I invest in some. Cory got some of the garage cleaned out, I cleaned out Jayden's toy closet. Some to be boxed up for later or even to donate (I haven't decided yet!) Also had a lot to junk, you know those irritating kid's meal toys that never go away? After that, I switched Casey's clothes from NB-3 months into 6-9 months. I can't believe he's getting so big already! I felt pretty accomplished and VERY tired. I think it's all the walking Jayden and I did on Halloween!
Tomorrow is my day with all the kids, pre school drop offs/pick up's, lunches galore! I hope everyone had a great Halloween!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Keep your eye on the prize...

What a week! With the conclusion of the first half of Statistics, starting the third week back to work, Cory's vasectomy and shipping kids all over...this week truly has felt like 10 years.
I was so overwhelmed, tired and feeling extremely guilty for being gone so much from the boys, I finally gave in to my perfectionist tendencies.

Hello, my name is Kimberli and I'm a recovering perfectionist.

For the first time since returning to school, I didn't complete every assignment. I finished my class with still two assignments left due and pretty sure I sealed my fate with a B -, maybe even a C! One - I'm not good at math. Two - I'm not good at math. Three - I'm just plain TIRED.

I struggled this week with Jayden, he knows my buttons so well. He tells his dad all the time 'Love you Dad' when I say 'Love you Jade', he looks right at me and says 'Love you DAD'. He can be so naughty and out of control, I'm sure people look at me and think 'What the hell is wrong with that mom? Doesn't she know how to discipline her kids?' Some days I think I've got it all under control and others, I'd just like to crawl back into bed and not come out. I love my son so much, I just want the best for him and want him to love me too. Casey is great right now, I make him smile and laugh and he lights up every time he sees me. I will cherish that, because I'm pretty sure in about 2 years, he'll join the 'I hate my mother' support group.

All of these things combined this week and I had to ask for extra help with the kids from family and friends. Jayden spent the night with my Mom on Thursday so I could go to class and she could take him to school the next day. Casey's been bounced from Nanny to my sister to my mom and my friend all within three days. I felt like saying 'Will the real mommy please stand up?'

If I can just make it through the next 7 classes. I'm doing this to better myself, my family and our future. To make sure that no matter what happens, I have something to fall back on that could support us. I'm doing this to prove to myself that I can, I'm doing this because I know I CAN. I've always wanted to have my bachelor's before I turned 30. I'm doing this now, so later I can go and cheer my boys in their sports or whatever they choose to do. I'm doing this to be the wife my husband deserves and someone he can respect. I'm doing this to be someone I can respect.

So, I'll start my second half of statistics class next week and get ready for the holiday season and most important...keep my eye on the prize.

Pay LESS!!

A girl from work gave me the Oprah coupon today for 50% off EVERYTHING in the entire store at Payless shoes! Needless to say, I took advantage of it!

Won't these be fun boat shoes for Casey next summer
Ok, my first matching shoes for the boys...I loved these Airwalks!

Purse, 2 pair earrings, hat, scarf, 1 pair high heels, 1 pair suede boots, 2 pair infant shoes, 1 pair toddler snow boots, 2 pair slippers, 2 pair men shoes.
I saved over $150!! I get a rush just thinking about it!

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