Sunday, December 7, 2008


Last night after watching movies, (Wanted & Tropic Thunder) we were headed upstairs when we heard something in the wall....
Clean Version
Cory: "Did you just hear that?"
(Scratching inside the wall)
Kim: "Umm, what the heck was that?"
Cory: "Sounds like a mouse is stuck"
(Kim finds a chair to stand on)
Kim: "What are YOU going to do?"
(Cory laughing and opening the utility room to see if he can find it)
Cory: "Probably scream like a girl when it runs out at me!"
Kim: "If you scream like a girl, I'll pass out and then we'll both be in trouble!!"
We had some traps left over from last year when there was mouse droppings on the patio in the backyard. So he set two of them, and after a night of mouse nightmares...we had a little surprise in the morning! GROSS!! He found two openings in the wall from when we finished the basement that lead out into the garage and after further inspection found a bag of food for the pond fish with a nice big hole in it. Looks like Fievel the mouse and his friends have been living the big life in our garage and made it's way into the basement. Needless to say Cory spent today patching holes and making sure no more mice come to visit.


Kallie said...

So did you find the mouse dead? I hope so I hate mice. A couple of weeks ago the kids were downstairs playing and one of the girls ran upstairs screaming "RAT". I ran downstairs to find a mouse that had made a hole in our screen and was in between the screen and the glass. I told the neighbor girl to run and get her cat and put it down there.

Younger Family said...

I hate finding mice- we used to lay in bed and hear them in the walls at our other house in Syracuse- but never caught one. Apparently the neighborhood cats were not doing their jobs. I don't know if you remember- but when we lived in Clinton- we always had a mouse problem and on more than one occasion Mom had a mouse run over her toes while standing in kitchen in the morning with Dad before he went to work. Yuk!!

Younger Family said...

However- a few times that "mouse" was one of my escaped hamsters- oops!

szumitacrew said...

Like I said, you loved little furry things years ago...Curly & Moe!
Both you and laurie had those things, which I can say is one of the only animals I do NOT care for!
As you found out, they eat each other!!! I will never forget that scream you let out that day you found that out! Scared the crap out of me!!!

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