Monday, December 22, 2008

SnOw DaYs

For their birthdays I got Cory & Jayden snow tubes, after living through Jayden rolling them through the house, we decided to take Jayden out on Sunday.

When we got up, I was so tired from all the running around, cleaning and the party that I got up, pulled my hair up and made it to the recliner to sleep for another 3 hours. I usually don't nap, but I was so physically exhausted my body just shut down. Cory was so great to get Jayden breakfast and lunch!

Cory had to go into work for a couple hours and when he got home we headed to the park. Jayden had a blast, Cory would take him down and then Jayden would say 'Mommy turn!' and we switched back and forth. He was full of smiles for his first trip down the hills.

After the sledding (about 40 minutes) we headed to petsmart to get the girls some food and then to McDonald's for a gourmet meal...I tried the McRib because Cory raves about it all the time. Let me just say YUCK! I thought it was very Jayden had mine and I had his cheeseburger. Sorry for those who like it, but I will never eat that again!


Kallie said...

Which park did you go to? We need to take the kids to do something like that, looks like fun.

I agree with you on the McRib sandwich, yuck!

The Green Family said...

We went to the park on 1000 W and 1300 N. It's newer and it has a waterfall on the corner by the roundabout.

Kandice said...

I love Sledding!!! I bet Jaden had a blast! I can't wait to see him Tomorrow...I miss him!!! I hear you about the exhaustion, I am glad that you pulled off a nap! Thank goodness for wonderful husbands!!!

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