Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Potty Training bLuEs....

Somebody, anybody HHHHEEELLLLPPPP!!!!

Ok, I feel better! Jayden is not doing so hot at potty training. We've been working on it for just over a month and it was great at first. He would go every 20 minutes, #1 & #2. Then we moved to every hour. He even got where he would tell us, then it went down hill a little.

He seems to just be tired or frustrated or just plain stubborn. The last week he has been wet everytime and won't tell us he has to go. Pull up's are just not that cheap and finally his daycare provider suggested we give him a break until he's ready. I talked to Laurie and she said that seemed to be the trick for the twins.

So, needless to say we're back in diapers. :( Jayden is so strong willed, I guess I'll have to give up my 'control factor' and wait for him to tell me when he's ready. He'll be 3 in two weeks and I've heard boys take a little longer than girls.

I'm here to tell you, no matter what the stage is, it seems to get harder each time. Especially when my child is so determined and independant.

The only thing that keeps me going is that sweet little boy that makes brief appearances every once in awhile! Like the one that says:

'I lof you momma'
'Soree mommy'
'Mommy, I don wann her dat no more' (refering to my singing)
'Daddy keep me safe, like Nemo daddy?'
When I come home, he comes running down the hall screaming 'My MOOOOMMMMMMMYYYY'

Ok, I guess I'll make it now :)


Kallie said...

Don't give up. Remember I actually tried earlier on with Dax too, then gave up and waited until it was more his idea ;) Dax has been in underwear for two weeks now with no accidents during the day, then today I pick him up and she said he wet his pants. I think it takes a long time until they are fully potty trained. Don't hurry it, he'll get it when he is ready.

Younger Family said...

You got it- there is no controlling Mr. Jayden- he will let you know when he is ready to do what you want him to- even to the point of starving 8 hours a day to not take a bottle. He knows he is the boss.

Emily said...

Melinda's little boy turned three in November and is still in diapers. Carter took FOREVER! I think the pull ups are a little tricky, cuz they can wet in them and no big deal. I totally agree he will let you know. GOOD LUCK! I think that is the hardest stage.

Emily said...

BTW... the post about the mouse made me LOL, just thinking of you two hearing the mouse in the wall. AND I loved the story of your nephew in sacrament, I can totally relate.

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