Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fashion crisis

With the blustery snow storm this last weekend, Cory decided it was time to break out the old snowblower..a favorite past time of Mr. Jayden's.

Jayden hasn't recieved his new snowsuit & boots that my very close source at the north pole tells me might be coming..he he .. we had to use his suit from last year (thanks Jenn :) Well, it wasn't quite warm enough so I 'altered' it!!

I added my fancy, fluffy gloves as well as my lovely pink scarf to keep his neck warm and sent him into the bathroom to see what Cory had to say!

Cory: "Jayden, does your mother realize your a boy?"
"Kim, he is NOT leaving the house like that, C'MON!!!"

Needless to say ladies, Jayden DID go outside like that and let it be noted, the neck and hands of my precious little BOY were very warm the entire time!!


Younger Family said...

Then one day this turns into you cannot find any of their hats or gloves or your own because they have used up theirs and stolen yours and all of the above are lost! At least the supplies were on hand- whatever color they may have been!

Kallie said...

I agree with Laurie. When Daxton went out he didn't even have a coat. We had to layer like 3 shirts and 2 jackets. Whatever pleases them right?

Bryce would have said the same thing as Cory though. Men, why are they so worried about their boys playing with dolls and wearing pink? I think it will just make them more sensitive husbands when they are older.

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