Thursday, December 4, 2008

7 Memories

OK, I'm getting all the tags accomplished tonight!

#1 -Finding out I was pregnant. We had taken two at home tests and they were both negative. Cory and I were pretty bummed. I made an appointment at my OB and was waiting for the awful news that we would never be able to have kids (dramatic I know). They made me give a urine sample and as I sat in the waiting room feeling this heavy weight on my shoulders, Ann (nurse) came in with a wheel like paper and said 'You're definitely pregnant, when was your last period". I don't think I spoke for an eternity! I told her and she whisked me to a ultrasound and showed me the first picture of our 'little peanut'. It was surreal, I couldn't even wait to tell Cory I was bawling on the phone and had to tell him.
#2-Proposal. Cory told me to pack a bag, that we were going overnight somewhere. He left the bags in the driveway and kept pacing around with his mom. All of sudden he whipped me around and gave me a big sloppy kiss and when I turned around there was a limo in the driveway! It took us to my favorite hotel The Grand America. We went to the room and it was covered in rose petals..sweet huh? It gets then the phone rings and Cory says 'Our ride is ready, let's go'. We went down to the lobby and I said 'Look honey, someone has a horse & carriage..I LOVE those!' He whispered, 'I know babe, it's yours'. We went out to the front drive and I was so captivated by the horse he had to turn me to him 'Focus, Kim'. He knelt on one knee and something to the effect 'Kimberli, we've courted together for the last 7 months and I'd like to take it to the next step. Will you make me the happiest man in this world and be my wife?' While he was asking me, there were camera's going off (later to find out that was his family!) Of course I said YES! The carriage took us to where we had our first date Bucca De Beppo. It was amazing and fairytale.
#3-Hawaii with the family, there were many scary moments on the trip but overall it was great to be with the whole family. My favorite was seeing the whales with Cory and Jayden.
#4 - Cory surprised me the Christmas we had Jayden by having my Harley custom painted. He had been sneaking the parts of my bike and replacing it with other stuff under the cover so I wouldn't notice. He brought it in on Christmas Eve in parts and I screamed...'IS THAT MY BIKE??" I cried, it was great. My favorite, purple with ghost flames.
#5 - Cruise - Cory took me on my first Cruise to the Bahama's. It was the best vacation ever, there was always something to do, dancing, eating, games you name it. The food was to die for and we had romantic nights with the formal dinners and holding each other on the deck feeling the cool crisp ocean air. I will always remember that trip with my husband.
#6 - Having Jayden. I was so so lucky to have my sister there to hold my hand and talk me and Cory through the delivery. He was stubborn of course and his heart rate went really slow because the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck, I remember when they placed that lifeless body on my stomach and I couldn't breathe. They took him to the other side of the room and gave him oxygen until he cried. The sweetest sound I've ever heard.
#7 - Any and all memories with my family. I am so lucky to have the parents and sisters I have in my life. With all the differences we have, the one constant is our love for each other. They've supported me through the most difficult times in my life and helped me see it through to the other side. They support Cory and I, always without a doubt and we have the funnest time together. I truly am a lucky person and not a day goes by that I'm not thankful for the love of my family and the life my parents gave me.

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Melissa, Benton, and Roxy said...

What fun memories, I love hearing about the things you've done and hearing the details!

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