Sunday, November 23, 2008

Look it's a bird, it's a plane!

Cory's grandma asked him to take down a big tree at the house that Shanna is renting. So, of course he found the biggest lift in Utah to play with Saturday afternoon. Jayden went with Cory to get it and was really excited until they got it out and then he changed his level of excitement :)

He supported his dad from safely on the ground, and Cory and his uncle Mark took down most of the tree. You can see from some of the pictures there was a lot of Coca-cola involved!

Jayden was bummed that the 'tractor' couldn't come home to our house!

1 comment:

Melissa, Benton, and Roxy said...

Cory is nuts, I would die if Benton did that! Actually that was quite nice of him if I might say, but scary!!!

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