Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bonus Night

Saturday night we headed down to the Salt Palace for our work bonus night. Because it was the same night as the 'Holy War' between U of U & BYU. We had to pick a team and you can see which team we voted for....YEAH UTAH!!!
I'm not a big fan of T-Shirts, so I dressed mine up with jewelry of course and some cute strappy high heels :)
I love working for the same company as my mom, we get to do fun stuff with them for work. As you can see in my parents picture my father wasn't as excited as we were!

1 comment:

shadnmorgan said...

Nice shirts! =) I love that your Mom is wearing her compass... well it looks like she might be? I never asked... did you like the cheese? did it taste like your vitamins?

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