Monday, October 20, 2008


After a lot of thought and turmoil, we finally decided to put Jayden into more of a pre school/daycare. I searched on KSL and found Kandice at Super Kids. She does it out of her basement and had an opening for Jayden and his friend Daxton who was at his previous daycare with him.

I can't believe the difference, it is like night and day. Each morning I drop Jayden off and he says 'Me go school mommy, me go school!' instead of fighting each morning. When I pick him up, I get a detailed report of what they learned that day during preschool, songs they sang and books they've read. I also get an outline of what he had to eat for breakfast, lunch and snacks and he comes home each day with a craft to show us. He is in such a good mood in the afternoons and is excited to tell us about his day. Kandice teaches them about the days of the week, a sign language word and a Spanish word as well. Jayden has been counting to 10 with mommy and daddy for awhile, so it's nice to have that reinforced during the day.

My heart is so full as a working mother, to know that he's loved and taken care of during the day. It still makes me a little emotional to talk about because Jayden seems to be doing so great there. On the way to 'school' the other morning, I said:

"Jayden, do you want to sing the wheels on the bus song?" and he said
"No, mommy Kandice sing song"

I'm 100% ok with the fact he likes to sing with her because that says so much about her ability to connect with the kids. She even has a private blog set up so the parents can see pictures of the kids and up to date on the daily activities.

I really appreciated all the love and care that Georgia has given Jayden over the last two years, and I couldn't have made it without her!


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Kallie said...

Yeah for Kimberli! I owe you big time for this one. You are a great friend, thanks for not only thinking about your family but mine too. Have you talked to Kandice about the blog yet? I keep forgetting.

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